Ferrari defy Russia sanctions

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the FIA cancelled the Formula 1 Russian GP, then FOM cancelled its contract with the organisers under the Force Majuere principle.

A number of national motorsport governing bodies have since banned all Russian and Belarusian drivers from competing on their soil. However, this weekend Ferrari F1 team principal Mattia Binotto confirmed that Russian driver Robert Shwartzman is still very much in the Scuderia’s plans.

When questioned about the relationship, Mattia Binotto replied, “He’s got an Israeli passport. In terms of (racing) licence, it’s not a Russian one.”



Given the new rules which force team’s to run young drivers in a number of practice sessions this year, Binotto stated “he will probably” contest an F1 session this season.

Shwartzman recently applied for his Israeli passport and has apparently cut all ties with Russian sponsors.

It is unlikely Ferrari will challenge the UK motorsports governing body and allow Scwartzman to take part in any session at the British GP. Yet in other jurisdictions they apparently intend to run the Russian driver – thus defying sanctions.

4 responses to “Ferrari defy Russia sanctions

  1. Good for Ferrari. Politics shouldn’t be in sports. FIFA was saying that for years until recently everything changed. Suddenly everyone cares. But when Iraq war (BasedOnLies) crimes happened no English or American drivers or sponsors banned.
    When Turkey goes against NATO and European rules there’s no sanctions.
    Hypocrisy and double standards.

  2. Good on ferrari for being decent human beings.
    Did we not learn through the prosecution of Japanese in WW2??

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