Marko on Verstappen XXL salary: It’s only right Max earns more than Hamilton

After Max Verstappen extended his Formula 1 contract with Red Bull Racing before the start of the current F1 season, Helmut Marko says the Dutchman’s huge new salary, larger than Hamiltons’, should be considered normal.

After his first Formula 1 title, Max Verstappen was logically extended by Red Bull. The Dutchman has now been signed until June 2028, a great satisfaction for the team but also for the driver, who will receive a colossal new salary that could be close to €50m, which would be the biggest contract in F1, allowing Verstappen to overtake Lewis Hamilton.

When asked about the matter, Helmut Marko did not confirm the precise numbers, but said the Dutchman’s increase was normal.


“It seems normal to me that Max earns more as a world champion.”

“I don’t know if this is true, because I don’t know Hamilton’s contract,” admitted Marko,

“But it seems normal to me that Max earns more than Hamilton as a world champion. I am proud of what Max has achieved,

“It confirms that it was the right choice at the time to bring him to Formula 1. And it has also put to rest all the scepticism that existed at the beginning. Apart from the salary, we only had to change the years for the new contract,” says the Red Bull motorsport consultant.



23 responses to “Marko on Verstappen XXL salary: It’s only right Max earns more than Hamilton

  1. As the first F1 ‘Paper’ champion it’s only right he should have his new increase paid in Monopoly paper money and at least pay some to Masi as he earned it. 😂

  2. I find it such a bad statement to make when this driver only been given one World championship and although he is a very good but lucky driver I can’t see why they have to mention Hamilton in this as he has nothing to do with what RB want to offer their driver .
    Max is not going to win another world championship like the one gifted to him last year so let us get that out of the way.
    This season is going to be difficult for RB and Mercedes.

  3. 🥱 🥱 🥱 when will the disrespect stop relating Lewis Hamilton. MV has been very lucky simple as that I hope he gives Masi a cut of that pay increase.

  4. Cheaters always prosper when your rich, shame he thinks he’s a true champion. Which one is the lil spoon i wonder? Masi or MaxiPads? 🤔

  5. Move on guys.. Even Lewis wouldn’t discredit Max’s strong season last year. BTW Ferrari fan here.. Forza Ferrari!

  6. I honestly think this judge bloke is an absolute penis he just chats complete shit all the time

  7. So logically they’ll be happy to reduce his wages when he isn’t world champion? Also how is it rational that a 1 time world champion earns more than a 7 time world champion? Marko, sort yourself out mate.

    • Of course Max earns more than Lewis. Lewis is black!
      (My only problem is the relation to Lewis. I don’t give a crap how much people pay their athletes, as long as it’s proportional to their efforts. Max deserves to earn a decent amount all things considered).

  8. How can someone make such a statement?
    Max flukes 1 world championship and Lewis has won so many outright! How in the world can Max be paid even close to what Lewis makes?
    And from the looks Max never win another one!!! Lol

  9. Toto Wolf / Mercedes made a bad call when they did not cover Max’s tyre change under the safety car. If Lewis had new tyres there would have been no last lap pass. BUT it is all someone else’s fault. What about personal responsibility?

    • Only people that know nothing about racing use that ridiculous tyre change excuse. After Latifi again forgot what his steering wheel is for and the SC came out, LH did what any experienced driver would do and stay out to preserve his position. RB however did the ‘do the opposite to LH’ and brought Max in with Horner saying ‘we need a miracle’ does that sound like an inspired decision to you. It would have made no difference as Max was now down in fifth and had no chance until Masi decided to break his own rules twice and not only allow cars to un-lap themselves but only the ones between LH and Max leaving LH a sitting duck and thus torpedoed his career, which I’m sure RB made worthwhile. My Mum could have passed LH on old tyres on that last lap it was a disgrace and all true racing fans saw it as such, only die hard RB fans saw nothing wrong. How Max had the nerve to take that trophy shows just how desperate he and RB were. I have a friend who is an RB fan and he said he wanted Max to win but not like that, which is how all RB fans should have reacted and not use stupid excuses to justify it.

  10. Since h he say should earn more than Lewis. In this good case Red bull should increase to double of his salary. Who selling flower tell people his flower don’t smell good.

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