Hamilton rebels against FIA & could face heavy penalties

Lewis Hamilton rebels against the FIA and could face heavy penalties by defying the authorities, with Toto Wolff questioning the new Formula 1 measures.

There has been a rule in Formula 1 since 2005 banning the wearing of jewellery by drivers while in their cars, although it had been somewhat abandoned. Ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, the authorities issued a note reminding the teams of the rule, but one team seems to have ignored it.


Niels Wittich, one of Michael Masi’s replacements as race director, emphasised that “body piercing or metal neck chains” were not to be used, and that checks would be carried out before the race. However, Lewis Hamilton turned up at Albert Park and competed with piercings in both ears and a nose piercing.

When asked about this, the multi-time British champion fired back at the FIA and remarked that he will not get rid of his jewellery, some of which he cannot easily remove:

“I don’t have any plans to remove them. I feel they are personal things. You should be able to be who you are. There are things I can’t take off. I literally can’t take them off. They’re literally welded on, so I’d have to cut them off or something. They’ll stay. It’s been the rule forever. It’s been the rule since I’ve been here, so there’s nothing new. I’m coming with more jewellery next week.”


According to the regulations, the driver could be penalised both financially and with a points deduction, due to a sporting code violation. Given the changing times that the new Formula 1 authorities want to install, will there be rigidity in determining a penalty?


Toto Wolff questioned Niels Wittich

Despite praising Niels Wittich’s momentary work in the opening rounds of the season, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff questioned whether this is an important ‘battle’ to fight, also leaving his message for Masi: “Is it a fight he has to fight at this stage? But if it turns out to be the biggest unfortunate mistake by a race director, I would accept it a thousand times over.”



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  1. So the man who wants the rules enforced doesn’t want them enforced after all….or is it just not enforced if its him breaking them?

      • Typical FIA usual knack of making a rule that benefits nobody just on a point of question.They need to be very careful, many F1 fans are all saying that FIA is ruining peoples interest ‘cos of uneeded politics, and don’t intend to carry on supporting the sport, they just want to watch a good grand prix

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  2. Hamilton trying to act like a bad boy. 😂🤣 what a ner, who in his right frame of mind welds jewellery to his body. What a lie. He must be failing all his medical tests as professional medical equipment will require that you remove all metal objects. Your gonna have to obey Hammy common be a good boy and stop acting like a child.Have some respect toward’s the sport and it’s regulations.

    • Why is it the fashion in to undermine people’s personal choice it his body it will not endanger others, it’s freedom. We’re was these officials when he was being swindled out of his championship least session ‼️

    • Big head. Introduced racism to F2 by stating he was only penalised because of his cover. Has got away with so much. If he doesn’t remove his jewellery take his car off the grid.

      • DUCKY like the comments other DUFFERS have made,LEWIS like other F1 drivers wear helmets that cost
        thousands of pounds,and are tested to withstand heat,even an F1 car landing on there HELMET.You like
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  3. Let’s see how he feels when his jewellery warms up in a fire, and has to be removed from the melted skin it embeds itself in.

      • This rule has being brought in just to have a dig at lewis ,look at the responce of you envious haters ,exposeing your racist nature.

        • Wow…we can’t criticise lewis or else we are labelled racist, can I criticise Max..is that OK, I have criticised max last year no one called me racist, by the way I’m black from Nigeria, is it ok Mr Bradshaw for me to criticise lewis, yes lewis is a spoilt child, who has gotten his way for too long and this year is the best F1 in ages as its not dominated by Mercedes.

        • The rule has been around since 2005. Nothing to do with racism, you race baiting fool. Learn a bit of F1 knowledge, before you start throwing around disgusting and dangerous accusations like that. Accusing others of racism is just as bad as being a racist. Educate yourself.

    • You have a very wicked mind. Hope you experience the same before Sir Lewis Hamilton does.

  4. He has been wears Ng jewellery for years. Why all of a sudden is it a problem? Many other drivers wear necklaces and probably still do. Not a rule that will actually be as bad as any Masi did in the last race. Sad that Lewis haters only have this to attack him with. And in the end it’s do n to drivers choice if they wish to risk it. Only dangerous if Crastappen intentionally tries to take him off the road again. Best t I think that will be something Charles will have to worry about at the moment.

  5. If it’s in the rules then all drivers should abide by this including Lewis Hamilton otherwise let him pay the penalty

  6. Like ALL F1 drivers they ALL wear helmets that cost thousands of pounds,so therefore the jewelry Lewis wears would not come into play,sadly F1 is being run by people who havn’t a clue,the same as the sad comments made.

  7. I never understood that they were allowed to wear earrings, pearcings and so on. As soon as you have to go into the MRI with this after a crash, you have a big problem. So I understand these rules.

  8. Another peacock who does not understand the difference between personal freedom and safety and respect for rules designed for all the racers benefit

  9. Reminds me of when Schumacher had his skiing accident, was it the helmet failed to serve its purpose or as mentioned, was it the go pro attachment caused the helmet to fail?
    Same could be said for bling. Karma for the cry baby team. They will live to regret their Masi actions yet.

  10. It’s basic fire fighting rules. If you wear metal & are in or close to a fire, the fire will radiate heat & will heat metal & cause burns. That’s why the rule is there for the safety of drivers in fire related crashes as we learnt from past crashes.

  11. I am a big fan of Louis and his driving ability. But he is going too much against regulations in all aspects .
    If the regulation is there. Get the regulation changed. Not ignoring it …

  12. This would be a typical post to bring all the Hamilton haters out from under their rocks! A chance to rubbish Hamilton, although why shouldn’t Hamilton stand up for himself as he has worn his body piercing for years, why change it now, it makes no sense? There is no danger in the car and as Dre pointed out if he had to go for an MRI it is a problem but then the nurses would simply remove them, using plyers if necessary. The Doctors don’t get involved but nurses deal with body piercings every day as it is a common fashion these days. Years ago it wasn’t, apart from maybe an ear stud which was easy to remove. Why can’t the FIA just go with the times, it is very common now and as it isn’t a danger when driving why be so difficult about it or is it just posturing to show Hamilton who is boss. Where were all these dedicated officials when Max was gifted the title last year!!

    • Steve, you may be more knowledgeable about racing. But I have a medical background. And as I mentioned in my previous post. I can’t believe they haven’t acted on this before. When it comes to life and death, you shouldn’t have to fiddle with a pearcing first.
      In addition, the risks of wearing jewelry during a fire are of course not negligible. It has nothing to do with a driver at all, this is just general safety. Something that is standard in the DTM.

      • I appreciate what you are saying Dre but times and fashions change and I have friends who are Doctors and Nurses too and we have talked about this. They have to deal with piercings on a regular basis and the nurses remove them as carefully as possible but it doesn’t deter people from having them. Also, the fireproof racing overalls today are far more sophisticated than the days of Lauda and even sitting in a fire for up to a minute the driver is safe and his jewellery wont heat up enough to hurt, it happened only recently.
        Not only this Dre but the wearing of studs, earrings etc has been allowed for years, why change the rules now. what has changed? It seems to be more about making a point rather than safety to me.

        • Steve, I’ll stop arguing with you. since you are omniscient.
          I sincerely hope you are happy in your dream world.

          • You surprise me Dre, for an intelligent guy that is a very lame response. I have never claimed to know everything but I do know a lot about racing and I also have many friends in various professions which gives you a fair balance in this world. I made what I felt was a fair point and you dismiss it with an insult, you are sounding more like Duckey. If you don’t agree then say why, that is what intelligent people do.
            My nephew and my son are both professional racers in GT4 and Formula Porsche and both have piercings since they were teenagers with no complaints from the stewards. Why would you think that is?

  13. You surprise me Dre, for an intelligent guy that is a very lame response. I have never claimed to know everything but I do know a lot about racing and I also have many friends in various professions which gives you a fair balance in this world. I made what I felt was a fair point and you dismiss it with an insult, you are sounding more like Duckey. If you don’t agree then say why, that is what intelligent people do.
    My nephew and my son are both professional racers in GT4 and Formula Porsche and both have piercings since they were teenagers with no complaints from the stewards. Why would you think that is?

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