Here’s why Haas has a car Mercedes envy

Haas has revealed their primary strength in that they have developed a car that is ‘easy’ to drive for this 2022 Formula One season, a trait Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton greatly envy greatly with their troubled F1 machine.

Haas has taken a step forward with its new car for the 2022 Formula 1 season; Haas chief designer talks of a car that is “easy” to drive proved by Kevin Magnussen who has already scored 12 points for Haas team in the 2022 Formula One season. The Dane finishing both races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in the points.

While the US team was clearly bottom of the grid last season, the spell seems to have been broken with the new car. But what has the team improved to be able to fight for points again?


The handling of the new VF-22 seems to be the key to success. Both Magnussen, who replaced Nikita Masepin at short notice, and Mick Schumacher seem to feel much more comfortable in the car. That’s because the car is much easier to drive than the previous model, according to chief designer Andrea de Zordo.

“Since we first tested it, it was easy to drive,” the Haas engineer reports.

“The drivers seem to feel comfortable with it, even though we haven’t done many laps yet. It seems easy for them to find the lap time. The strength of the car is that the drivers can drive it easier.”



Team boss Günther Steiner backs up his chief designer. The South Tyrolean from Italy reports that Magnussen speaks of a very controllable car.

“He says that the car does exactly what he wants in the race,” Steiner said. “Of course there are always things that can be improved, but he has said that it drives well.”

It is “competitive” and can be driven “on the limit all the time”, the Dane is quoted as saying by the Haas team boss, who concludes: “The car is quite good!”

This is also the reason why the racing team is taking its time with upgrades. The performance is right and the set-up also seems to work, as both drivers feel comfortable at the limits of the Formula 1 car.

De Zordo adds: “We didn’t do as many laps in the second test as the others. So there is still a learning process, in which we are probably still a bit more stuck than the competition.

“We therefore think that we can still get more out of the car even without further developments.”

Haas is focused on establishing the baseline value of the car to get the most out of the current package in the future. A position Mercedes must be very envious of.




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