Horner: Less resentment towards Ferrari compared to Hamilton

Compared to Mercedes in 2021, Horner sees less resentment towards Ferrari and a degree of greater respect between Verstappen and Leclerc. The Red Bull team boss also believes the world championship battle at the front of the field against Scuderia Ferrari is actually much different to last year’s battle with Mercedes and Hamilton, not least because of the lack of “animosity”.

In the first two races of the 2022 season, Max Verstappen [Red Bull] and Charles Leclerc [Ferrari] have had some great battles on track, giving the fans a great show as at no point did either of them cross the red line, always remaining very clean in their attack or defence whether in Bahrain or in Jeddah last weekend. For the Red Bull boss, the fact that Leclerc and Verstappen have raced against each other in karting as youngsters clearly helps to give us some very clean battles on track.


“I think you can see two fantastic young drivers who have probably been racing against each other since they were 10 or 11 years old and they are now in two very competitive Formula 1s,” Horner told Sky Sports.

“The battles in these first two races have been phenomenal, and you can see there’s a lot of respect between these two and these cars seem easier to follow and drive in these battles against each other. The sample on offer in these first two races is really exciting.”


Last year Red Bull battled Mercedes for both world championships and there was some tension at times on track between Hamilton and Verstappen and off track with team bosses Christian Horner and Toto Wolff. But when discussing the early season battle with Scuderia Ferrari, Horner admits that the situation is different and there is less animosity:

“Racing against Ferrari is always slightly different. They are a historic team in Formula 1, and there is not that animosity that has developed with our other rivals [Mercedes]. ”

As for Mercedes, the Red Bull boss believes the reigning world champion team will be quick to respond to their early-season problems and believes they will be relied upon to join the battle at the front of the grid very soon:

“Mercedes will bounce back, I have no doubt, but we just need to focus on ourselves and continue to evolve and develop this car.”

“It’s just great that there’s another team involved in the race at the front of the field, but when Mercedes get their issues sorted out there will be potentially six drivers competing every weekend and for the fans that will be fantastic.”



20 responses to “Horner: Less resentment towards Ferrari compared to Hamilton

  1. I think you are missing a major point here. Ferrari weren’t the team kicking RB’s arse for seven years and LH always winning. That’s why Horner has a huge LH shaped chip on his shoulder and I bet he has a Lewis doll in his trailer that he sticks pins into. As for Max, Lewis has always been the guy he couldn’t beat and in the last four races of last season Max had no answer to Lewis so resorted to crashing into him instead. Something Leclerc should be mindful of given we are only a couple of races in and Max has more points than the front of the grid all together, thanks to his colourful driving. I’m loving the racing but RB are a dirty tricks team (championship 2021 etc..) and if things get close this season watch out, our ‘Human Error’ champion might have to earn it this time.

  2. Agree with everything you have said i think the gloves will come off if it starts going away from R.B.

    • Agree totally. Horner is like a Rat, he only bears his teeth when he is cornered. At the moment it’s all smiles after his first P1 but when MB join the fray and Ferrari improve their game that’s when he turns nasty. Abu Dhabi is a great example of just how low he is prepared to stoop, he would sell his own Mother to get another championship, he has no class, just a jumped up second hand car salesman.
      On that P1 something to watch going forward, Max is really pissing drivers off by stretching the rules to the limit, not that he pays much attention to rules. Under the SC the lead driver has the control but Max has been pulling alongside without overtaking and making it near impossible for the lead driver to get a clean break away. I don’t know how he gets away with it but I’ve seen him do it twice now. Seeing as the FIA can’t find their own arse with both hands and a map, I don’t expect it to change but drivers are becoming aware so next time could be interesting.

    • Absolutely correct. Things will change very quickly when ferrari start getting ahead with the points. He will start snarling again. Ghastly man and a very sore loser. Would love to see him get his just deserts this year.

  3. MV if I remember during the race twice complained about Leclerc crossing the pit entry lan. He and RB will always moan

  4. Reading the previous comments, I get the feeling this article acts as red meat for haters that blame other people of being haters.

    • I would say its not a feeling 😀 .. , I love how hamhooligans stiil throw their toys out of their prams LMAO

  5. I think the difference is that people hate Lewis as he has successfully won seven titles and deserves to be GOAT. he is controversial and speaks out about things he believes in but he is a very likeable guy and has not let success go to his head but people do hate winners.
    Contrast that with Max who is entitled, petulant, always blames everyone else for his mistakes and there have been many. Take Italy last year when he made a crazy move trying to muscle past LH in a chicane with Hamilton on the driving line. Anybody could see it would only end in a crash but then Max likes crashing but after parking his car on LH head and without Halo it could have killed him. His response was ‘that’s what you get for not giving me room’ and strolled right past him. When does Max ever give room to anybody! He crashed at Silverstone because he tried to squeeze LH when LH had no room and Max had plenty, the wheels clashed and he spun off but a bit of experience and common sense should have told him that would happen but of course he blamed LH and tried to get him disqualified. There have been many examples of this reckless driving and Max always blames the other driver, his arrogance is his downfall and carrying on acting as if his title was not gifted to him is another reason why I have no respect for him.

  6. Dirty driver, dirty team. Alot of people were brainwashed to believe it was LH’s fault for Silverstone and that he won, justifying a 10 seconds penalty wasnt enough. Give any driver a 10 second penalty and tell them to win the race. Its clear who had the corner, who braked late and who turned in and whos not leaving room. When youre not protecting yourself/backing off when you need to, blame others? Then came Italy, epitome of Mv dirty and dangerous driving. Several others,eg. Brazil. Then Horny’s Abu Dhabi GP outcry. They know the rules and played with words and forced Masi under pressure. Of course Ferrari. Because they knew LH with a car, they wont stand a chance. The pressure LH mounts on his title rivals, just too much. Ask Vettel.

  7. Obviously a lot of Drive To Survive bandwaggoners on this page… Hamilton is the entitled, self righteous snowflake… “Still we rise” – give me a break. Grow a pair and just race ffs. Look at how Russell is ringing the neck of the merc in his first couple of races and getting results. Baby Hamilton going for a cry instead…

    • You are a Dutch Lewis hater I guess so not at all biased! A couple of things give it away, mainly ‘crying’, as you all have the same lyrics which are now just boring. There are so many Lewis haters on this site and already writing Hamilton off.
      Lewis is ‘entitled’, seriously! I think you are confusing him with his royal stroppiness, Crashstappen. Gifted his first title on a plate with a final lap that my mother could have won with and he swans around like he is worthy of it. No one other than ardent Max fans will consider him a real champion until he wins it without help.
      Granted, not Lewis’s best start this season but anyone who thinks George is going to have the measure of him after two races, where he finished behind him in the first, really doesn’t know much about F1. He isn’t seven (should be eight) times world champion and GOAT by coincidence. I hear fishing is a good sport, maybe you should try that.

      • Hahaha relax would ye, all so sensitive here!! you’re getting all stroppy and whiney like your hero Hamilton now!
        Facts are facts buddy, last season Verstappen had the most poles – 10, most wins -10, most podiums – 18, most laps led -652… The title was earned as far as I’m concerned..

        The only reason Hamilton is 7 times WC is due to having a combination of the best car and a mediocre team mate he had in Bottas these past years playing the perfect no 2 driver.. (Verstappen clause in Mr Hamiltons contract would seem to also support this point of view, my Lewis loving friend…)

        Russel jumps in the car at his 2nd race for the team in Jeddah and finished over 40 seconds ahead of Hamilton! All of a sudden snowflake Hamilton suffers a bruised ego and now decides he is “struggling with his mental health” come on would you..

        GOAT I must disagree, there are several drivers whose names are held in far higher regard than Hamilton’s; Schumacher, Senna, Fangio, Prost, Stewart come to mind….

        And nope I’m not Dutch..

        • You are a Lewis hater so just own it, not a racing fan as you clearly know nothing about about racing. You talk about whiney and crying which isn’t Lewis it’s your hero Crashstappen who even this season of two races has balled out his own team with a stream of obscenities has Lewis ever done that, I think not. He whines and complains all the time and what a great example of a champion, albeit a ‘Human Error’ one.
          You sum up your zero knowledge of racing by your statement of Bottas and the car. Firstly, Bottas is a great driver and would be welcome in any team but quote Bottas himself being teammate to the GOAT is not easy. You put any driver on the grid in that MB car and I include Max and they would all have finished second. Lewis destroyed Max in the final four races last season so much so that all Max could do was try and crash into him. He was out in front and eight times WC until Masi decided to trash his career and hand the title to Max with a last lap that my mother could have won.
          As for George he is a massive talent, I would say as good as Max but unlike Max he is raw and willing to learn. He is listening to Lewis and learning which eventually will result in him kicking Max’s arse on a regular basis when Lewis is gone, Max is too arrogant and still thinks he knows everything which he doesn’t. Lewis is still the GOAT, George knows that and you are drawing from one race, which shows just how desperate you are to put Lewis down.
          As for your last statement, that really shows how little you know. I know Brundle, Hill, Herbert and other ex F1 drivers from my racing days and they all think Lewis is the GOAT. Also, Sir Jackie Stewart one of the greatest drivers ever says Lewis is the best driver he has ever seen. I think they know a bit more than an armchair racer like yourself who only races on their Playstation. Great drivers are made from records and Lewis has broken them all so next time you want to trash Lewis do a bit of reading first or better still take up fishing.

          • You’ve some serious affinity with fishing… not sure where you’re going with it to be honest..
            Like I said, facts don’t lie, the figures speak for themselves last season…
            You should calm down, have a stress wank or something… by the end of the season there will be a WC, maybe max, maybe Charles or even sainz… it won’t be humpy head Hamilton though! “Still we rise”?? More like “Still he cries”. Good luck lads, enjoy being beat this season.
            And I’m not Dutch.

          • I didn’t say you were Dutch, that was a couple of posts ago, I said you were a Lewis hater, so you are probably a loser or someone with daddy issues or both. I’m also very calm, I’ve just got back from a lovely holiday of sun, sea and sand and I don’t need to wank I have a beautiful wife who takes care of things like that. This site is a great site and has a lot of racing fans who make great posts but you clearly know sod all about racing and your contribution is as a Hamilton troll and there are enough of those already.
            After two races you have written Hamilton off already and like all Lewis haters you love to quote statistics from last year but they don’t win championships. Last year Max had a great lead as he had the fastest car and MB were struggling and you all loved it and wrote Lewis off but then Max showed why he’s called Crashstappen and blew it at Silverstone, tried to kill Lewis at Monza and in the last four races had no answer to Lewis so tried crashing into him instead. How he wasn’t disqualified at Jeddah after driving like a lunatic and brake testing Lewis only Masi or Netflix knows. Granted this is probably his worst start ever but it’s two races and a long way to go yet and both Leclerc and Max are great drivers but lack the experience, Max still thinks he’s karting.
            Personally, I hate fishing I have other passions, one is cars and luckily I made a fortune in Software and Engineering and I’m retired but money made it possible for me to indulge my passions, like flying and I’ve spent nearly forty years racing from 100Nat karts to Touring cars where I raced against drivers like Nigel Mansell, so I know quite a bit about racing and I have some ex F1 drivers who are friends of mine and all agree Lewis is the GOAT so they know a bit more than an armchair racer who’s nearest racing experience is on a Playstation. I mentioned fishing as clearly racing isn’t your thing so maybe you would be good at sitting on your arse doing nothing which is probably what you do all day anyway.

        • Don’t mind Steve. He’s just as much a Max hater as he blaims other ppl of being Lewis haters. Pot. Kettle, you know…

          • Don’t mind Duckey, he pretends to be impartial but he is Dutch and a diehard Max fan. He also pretends not to hate Lewis but still makes posts like ‘he should have his knighthood taken away’!
            For the record I don’t hate Max like Lewis haters hate Lewis, I don’t like him much but then who does other than Max fans. He is petulant, arrogant and always blames everyone else including his own team. I think a bit of humility would do him good but I wont hold my breath. With that nasty piece of work Horner as his team manager I’m not surprised how he has turned out.

  8. Couldn’t agree with you more Steve. Let’s see what this guy is going to say when Ferrari starts to win more races..

  9. Of course…! It will be interesting to see what happens when it becomes a three way fight

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