Red Bull makes big call on Mercedes

Red Bull makes a big call on Mercedes’s come back for this Formula 1 season in 2022. Although Mercedes has made a very slow start to the season, Helmut Marko refuses to dismiss the German team in the race for the F1 world title.

New regulations mean a change in the hierarchy and the big winner is Ferrari, back in the limelight and leading both championships after two races, and the big loser is Mercedes. The team that has dominated F1 since 2014 is in dire straits as the results at the start of the season show.

Despite Lewis Hamilton’s miraculous podium in Bahrain, Mercedes is clearly behind Ferrari and Red Bull, who are in a fierce battle for wins. But Helmut Marko is convinced that the team led by Toto Wolff will soon return to the forefront.



Marko still fears Mercedes

“Hamilton is only nine points behind Verstappen. They are not giving up the world championship at all. They will come back, that’s for sure,

“It will probably end up as a three-way battle,” said the Red Bull boss, before going on to talk about the competition from Ferrari:

“Ferrari works the way we do. There is passion, emotion, sportiness and respect. You can feel it in all areas. We have a competitive relationship, but with sporting rules, which can be seen not only in the drivers, but also in the technical designs.”



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