Red Bull AT driver: “Thought I was going to die in the car”

“Thought I was going to die in the car,” says Red Bull Alpha Tauri driver Pierre Gasly, the Saudi Arabian Formula One Grand Prix in Jeddah was an ordeal and after the race, the Frenchman explained in no uncertain terms just how tough the race was.

From what can be described as rather an epic duel between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc at the Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix; the racing certainly captivated the fans, despite the off track issues, namely the attack on an oil depot near the track on Friday. Then the Grand Prix weekend was marred by Mick Schumacher’s serious accident in qualifying on Saturday, certainly, the focus returned to the sport of Formula One, at least for the duration of the race.


But while there were TV cameras focusing on the front, the 50 laps on the street circuit in Jeddah apparently became torture for another driver:

“For me, the last 15 laps were the most painful of my entire career,” Pierre Gasly explained afterwards on Sky. 

“I don’t know what happened to my intestines. I thought I was going to die in the car. I was screaming in pain.”


The driver of the Red Bull junior outfit Alpha Tauri went into further detail:

“In the last 10 laps, when I was braking and every time I took a left turn, I felt like someone was stabbing me in the gut. I was in massive pain.” At the end of the race, he said, he was “just counting down the laps. It was just a matter of survival for me.”

However, it is still unclear what caused the pain: “I’ve already been to the doctor, we’ll see what it was,” the 26-year-old explained further. “In any case, it was not a nice feeling.”

The Frenchman finished the grueling ordeal in 8th place.



7 responses to “Red Bull AT driver: “Thought I was going to die in the car”

  1. If Gasly was unwell before the race, he should not have driven. If the condition developed during the race, he could have thrown in the towel.
    This is what happens when people eat all crappy food. Learn from the master, the Goat, the knight, the 7-time fake champion and go vegan 🙂

    • I would have no objection to anyone slagging off a driver for pathetic reasons if they openly admitted why they hate someone so much.

      When it comes down to “Well he’s a bit of a whiner” ignoring every other radio message of the few that are actually broadcast, I find it amusing that anyone could be such a knob as to latch on to one single thing and make it the core of their hatred.

  2. Hey Vijay, one of the regular Lewis haters, what is it inferiority complex, daddy issues, no one cares!
    How can anyone be a fake champion 7 times, you really are embarrassing yourself! You want to talk about fake champions well how about our current ‘Human Error’ champion that drove a last lap on new tyres against Lewis a sitting duck on old tyres that my mother could have done. What a great job he is doing this season by showing just what a childish petulant brat he is by balling obscenities to his team over the radio, he really is a class act.

    • Relax Steve, Mercedes will get back to the front. Give them some time. No need to unload frustrations on other drivers.

      • Hey Duckey, I’m not frustrated far from it I’ve had a lovely break, sand, sea and sun. I’m feeling very happy and calm, I just can’t stand Lewis haters. Maybe they need a holiday or a lobotomy 😊
        I do agree with you though, but I fear it will be a few races before MB are back to full strength. In the meantime Max and Leclerc have provided great racing and at least Max hasn’t tried to take him out, maybe all those points he has made the difference. If only he would stop berating his team over the radio, he may start to look and sound like a champion.

        • What you see as berating, we see as raw human emotion in the heat of the moment. Maybe dutchies like that better than the more reserved, stiff upperlip british way of expressing yourself. Could be a cultural thingy.

          • Maybe Duckey, it was an intense moment and no one wants to finish a closely fought race with a broken engine with a few laps to go. I know a few Dutch people and they are very laid back but I’ve never seen them under that sort of pressure so I do take your point and he is young and will only improve. Not all us Brits have the stiff upper lip, my eldest son used to throw the table tennis paddle when I beat him as a teenager, he is much calmer now though but then he is always beating me. 😊

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