McLaren’s shocking claim about Red Bull

Over the past few years, Red Bull has put its trust in many drivers. But for McLaren boss Zak Brown, the Austrian team has broken many careers because of its high standards – This is McLaren’s shocking observation about Red Bull.

In recent years, Red Bull has had many drivers in its team. In addition to Max Verstappen, the Austrian team has long sought the ideal teammate for the Dutchman, between the initially incumbent Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly, Alex Albon, now Sergio Pérez… Whether in Formula 1 or in other car disciplines, the Austrian team places its trust in the Dutch driver only it seems. According to Zak Brown, Helmut Marko’s team has broken many careers because of its high demands.


According to Zak Brown, Red Bull has “ruined a few careers”

“Pato O’Ward? Red Bull only gave him one or two opportunities in F2 and then Super Formula before they pushed him out,” says Brown,

“They’ve done that with many drivers, apart from Max. They ruined some careers and some of their protégés proved them wrong afterwards, including Carlos Sainz who was able to bounce back with us.

“But Klein, Liuzzi, Bourdais, Alguersuari, Buemi, Vergne and Hartley were doomed, while Albon is doing well by returning to Williams this year. Helmut Marko is sometimes brutal, as he was with Pato. But Red Bull won the championship last year, so you can’t say they don’t know what it’s all about,” admits the McLaren boss.



10 responses to “McLaren’s shocking claim about Red Bull

  1. Albon doing well how? Not really he was just lucky he had previous F1 racing experience for two seasons.

  2. Pff.. as if he would not dump a driver as soon as he sees it’s not the material they would like it to be. Or any other crewmember that is not quite up to the task. F1 is hard. Performance and money are the only currency. He knows that. No one is different in that world. This is just a charming offensive to gain some credits and sympathy and bargaining chips for possible, not so good performance in the future.

  3. If no one else can see how dangerous Max is on the track I will have to get a new pair of glasses

  4. It will be very interesting to see how far Max will push the safety guidelines now, parking his car on Lewis’ head was just the beginning

  5. Max takes advantage of the opportunities offered where Mercedes have many times not changed tyres when there are opportunities have let Lewis down many times

  6. And now the reward for the sourest looser: Juryreport: with focussing on just one race, Ignoring the rest of the season and overlooking all events not in their favour…. And the winber is…(drumroll)…. the Hamiltonfans!! Congratulations!

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