Leclerc ambitions states Verstappen must move aside

Charles Leclerc is making his ambitions clear – At 24, Charles Leclerc is one of the most talented drivers in Formula 1. And the Ferrari driver makes no secret of the fact that he wants to be world champion, a goal which will mean current F1 champion Max Verstappen must move aside.

In recent years, Charles Leclerc has had to deal with Ferrari’s difficulties in trying to shine. But thanks to his talent, the Monegasque has achieved some very good performances. This confirms all the expectations placed in him, as he is announced as one of the contenders for the world championship title. All that remains now is to have a good car for that. While the first tests in 2022 are quite good for Ferrari, Leclerc’s ambition is still to be number one. If the Ferrari car is good enough, he will push aside Red Bull’s Max Verstappen for the title.


Leclerc wants to be world champion

“The ambition is clearly stated to be world champion? That’s for sure. The last two years have been complicated for the team.

“For Ferrari, there are always a lot of expectations. There is always an expectation to see Ferrari fighting for the top positions. After the last two years, it’s difficult. But I think we reacted very well. We have prepared ourselves well for this change of car this year,” Charles Leclerc said on the Canal Sports Club on Saturday.



7 responses to “Leclerc ambitions states Verstappen must move aside

    • Figthing talk Duckey, so really it’s an indightment of Vettel? Leclerc comprehesively dismantled the German no? Sainz Jr to be GOAT? 😉

      • No. It’s just that I consider Sainz a better driver than Leclerc. So with the same material, I put my money on Sainz.

  1. If the car is good enough, anybody will push others aside for the title – Sainz pushes aside Leclerc,
    Russel pushes aside Hamilton. But Verstappen will be unmovable for Perez!

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