Salary equal to Hamilton: Red Bull sends strong message to Verstappen

Red Bull sends a very strong message to their current F1 champion Max Verstappen after record breaking contract extension – As Max Verstappen has extended his contract with Red Bull until 2028, Christian Horner has made no secret of his satisfaction at securing a new deal with the reigning world Formula 1 champion.

Reigning F1 world champion Max Verstappen stepped up last season. A new status that comes at a price and Red Bull was not slow to pay it in order to secure his services for the indefinite future.

The Dutch driver has extended his lease with the team until 2028 with an estimated annual salary of €50m, the equivalent of Lewis Hamilton’s at Mercedes. Max Verstappen is therefore set to spend his entire career with Red Bull, which Christian Horner is delighted about. The Austrian team boss has great ambitions for his reigning world champion.



“What better way to start this season than with the extension of this agreement?

“This new agreement demonstrates Red Bull’s commitment to Max and Max’s commitment to Red Bull,” exclaims Horner,

“It’s great news for the whole team, it shows a commitment from both sides and a real confidence in what we are doing.

“So what better way to start this season than with the extension of this agreement, and through to the 2028 season, it’s phenomenal for us. And the immediate goal for the coming year is to try and keep the number one on the car.

“We fought so hard last year to get it back so we want to keep it on the car at the end of the year. As for the next few years, it’s an exciting time ahead with these new regulations first – it’s important that we optimise them – and then in 2026 we’ll have a brand new Red Bull Powertrains engine at the back of our F1 car.

“Verstappen will be the thread of continuity at Red Bull. We’ve always believed in that very much. To have Max for the long term, for the transition to 2026 with these new regulations, as we become an engine manufacturer, is fantastic for us,”


Certainly, fellow Dutchman to Max and former Formula One driver Robert Doornbos says F1 should thanks Max Verstappen for a hugely increased viewership and his Lewis Hamilton matching salary is greatly deserved. In an interview with the Dutch publication AD, Doornos says that “He has changed the sport,” 

“With his driving style, his feedback, his positioning and of course his result of last year. It’s a world sport, and thanks to him more people than ever watched it last year.”

“Formula 1 has really grown and Max has played a big part in that. This salary suits that.”




3 responses to “Salary equal to Hamilton: Red Bull sends strong message to Verstappen

  1. Factual almost right. Max is set on 45 mln per year in ‘22. Hamilton in 2021 was 40 mln. Both in euro’s. Both excluding bonusses and other commercial activities

  2. How is Verstappen going to keep Number 1 without Michael Masi at the wheel? That win belonged to the team and driver who lead the race from the beginning! For Shame Red Bull!

  3. If anyone’s to feel shameful, it must be the evil duo of the wolf and hyena. How they terrified and intimidated the poor Masi all through the year, getting favorable verdicts and escaping penalty many many times all through 2021!
    They would do anything to win, more by foul means than fair. They are a disgrace to Formula 1 racing.
    Unfortunately, we are going to see more of the same in 2022.

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