Ecclestone on Russia & FIA: “There’s no war in Russia”

Bernie Ecclestone backs FIA decision – Following the World Motor Sport Council meeting on the situation in Ukraine, the FIA cancelled the Russian F1 Grand Prix, but at the same time allowed Russian drivers to compete internationally under a neutral flag.

The former owner of the commercial rights to Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone, supported this decision in an interview saying:

“The FIA made the absolutely right decision. There have been so many agreements in the world about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but I doubt if anyone has really thought about it or tried to understand the situation,” says Ecclestone,

“f a Russian driver is racing in Formula 1, what does that have to do with the Russian operation? It’s not related in any way. Russian athletes have nothing to do with this conflict. They are not involved and never have been.”


The British former F1 ‘ringmaster’ did, however, put a damper on the FIA’s decision to boycott the Russian Grand Prix.

“The Formula One Group has decided that the race in Sochi should be cancelled, but I’m not sure that’s right.

“There is no war in Russia. Such a decision could only have been taken by the Formula One management. If no one had raised this issue, I am sure the FIA would not have done anything.”


The latest news on Russian drivers could well be null and void soon anyway. The British Grand Prix has today announced that it will not allow any Russian national to race in the Grand Prix at Silverstone, or indeed any form of motorsport within the UK territory. It is expected that other countries will follow suit, effectively making the FIA decision a mockery. 



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