Fernando Alonso drops a new hint about his future

Fernando Alonso drops a new hint about his F1 future – Fernando Alonso is not yet sure whether he will be here for the next Formula 1 season, but he has dropped a hint about his future in 2023, even before the start of the 2022 season.

On Monday, Alpine unveiled its new car. The announcement was eagerly awaited, as the French team has never hidden the fact that it is returning to Formula One in large part to meet the challenge of the new technical regulations, which could upset the existing hierarchy.

This is also why Fernando Alonso agreed to return to F1 a year ago after two seasons away from the paddock. But at the age of 40, the Spaniard has no time to lose and after a rather successful transitional season in 2021, the double world champion hopes to fight for podiums and victories in 2022. The performance of the Alpine will determine Fernando Alonso’s presence on the grid in 2023.



“For the moment, I would say yes”

Fernando Alonso speaks out about 2022… and sees even further ahead saying: “It has to come step by step, and we want to take the first step now.”

What about a hint of an extension for 2023 asks the media at the launch:

“For now, I would say yes. I really feel the strength to continue. But I will only decide in the middle of the year (…)

“I came back to Formula 1 because of these regulations. I have been waiting for these F1 cars for a year and a half. I’ve been watching the team build this car from scratch and we are really motivated.

“I am more optimistic than last year because the new rules give you hope that everything can change. I’m optimistic and confident,” added Alonso.



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  1. Such a thing would be unideal for Piastri, but if FA’s right, if he wanted to continue, & I doubt the team would push him out.

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