Mercedes Aerodynamicist reveals secrets of groundbreaking Ferrari 2022 car

The Italian Formula 1 team Scuderia Ferrari, showed the world its new car last week called the F1-75. The team then did a shakedown filming day with the car at Fiorano test track – And this week, ex Mercedes F1 aerodynamicist reveals the car’s secrets with an in-depth analysis.

Unlike some teams who use digital renders of early versions or the FIA test mule car, the Ferrari F1 team unveiled the livery and new 2022 car on what appears to be the actual car. Straight away the car appears to look incredibly different, and some say groundbreaking in its unique design. It is markedly different with a double nose concept and unusual concave topped sidepods. 

The Ferrari F1-75 will be driven by Carlos Sainz Jr and Charles Leclerc for the Formula 1 2022 season.

An Ex Mercedes designer and aerodynamicist reveal his thoughts on the secrets of the Ferrari car on his youtube channel.



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