Leaked images of the real Red Bull & Alpine’s 2022 F1 car

The Alpine team will unveil its 2022 car on Monday 21 February, the A522, which will be driven by Frenchman Esteban Ocon and Spaniard Fernando Alonso this year – TJ13 has been sent what appears to be a leaked photo of the car being unpacked – Also, photos have emerged of the real Red Bull car during it’s shakedown filming day at Silverstone last week.

The French manufacturer, Alpine, will unveil its 2022 car on tomorrow evening at around 5.30pm (UK) in an event that will be broadcast live on the team’s various social channels.

Alonso and Ocon’s car will take to the track on Tuesday 22nd of February for a shakedown, while the team will then take part in the first winter test of the year at the same circuit (23rd to 25th February).

As for the Red Bull Racing RB18 shown in the pit garage, interestingly it appears that the Adrian Newey design team has chosen a pull rod front suspension, making McLaren and Red Bull the only teams thus far to use this setup.

The leaked images are below, click to enlarge.




2 responses to “Leaked images of the real Red Bull & Alpine’s 2022 F1 car

  1. The Alpine is fake!
    It is based on an old Renault image.

    Which is also deductible from the strange 3 part frobt wing, where all others have four.

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