Verstappen to Mercedes

Verstappen to Mercedes, Red Bull’s revelations told – While Max Verstappen is now a Red Bull favourite, the Dutchman could well have joined Mercedes Formula 1. Helmut Marko revealed how his team had finally managed to convince him to remain with Red Bull Racing.

At the age of 24, Max Vertstappen is at the top of Formula 1. Indeed, at the wheel of his Red Bull, the Dutchman has just won his first world championship title. The hard work has finally paid off. Talented, Verstappen was able to count on the very good work of his team to reach the highest level.

But everything could have turned out differently for the Red Bull driver, who at the time was in discussions with Mercedes AMG F1.


“My plan was simple” says Marko,

In the end, Max Verstappen chose to join Red Bull rather than Mercedes. Why? Helmut Marko told Formula Max:

“We knew that Max’s entourage was also talking to Mercedes. But with them he wouldn’t have arrived in Formula 1 so quickly.

“They wouldn’t have taken the gamble of trusting a youngster so soon. My plan was simple: sign a contract and give him a seat in F1 immediately. That allowed us to get him away from Mercedes.” reveals Marko.





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