Alonso big wish for this season

Fernando Alonso is preparing for another season in Formula 1 with Alpine at the age of 40. And the Spaniard has a very specific wish for his team in 2022.

After a two-year absence, Fernando Alonso has made his return to Formula 1 with Alpine in 2021. And the 40-year-old driver was quite convincing as he finished the season in tenth place, just ahead of his teammate Esteban Ocon.

The French team is now preparing for the next season, apparently having learned from its mistakes of last year, while new regulations will come into force to cap the budget of teams and bring greater competitiveness to the sport dominated by Mercedes and Red Bull in recent years. Fernando Alonso, in particular, had one big wish for 2022.


Alonso wants “a more competitive package” this season

“More power on the straights and more downforce in the corners, that’s what we’re aiming for, all the drivers. Everything that happens at the trackside is pretty solid now.

“We saw last year that we scored when we could, sometimes with both cars, in races where we maybe didn’t have the pace to score with both cars, so we’ve become strong in many operational areas.

“What I want to have on track in a few days in Barcelona? Just a more competitive package coming out of our factories in Enstone and Viry. We have been working for several months and we have high hopes,” said Fernando Alonso.



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  1. I feel very sorry for Alonso. Such a fine driver who could have been WDC many more times. Now he is not going to get a competitive car and he is going to be among the “also ran”s. Gawd, how he could have saved us from the fake champion* 🙁

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