Verstappen’s stark assessment of Hamilton’s failure in Abu Dhabi

Verstappen’s stark observation on Hamilton’s F1 defeat – Lewis Hamilton was on the verge of winning his eighth Formula 1 world championship last December when Max Verstappen got in the way. A few weeks after the controversial race, the Dutchman was keen to put things into perspective.

While he could have made more Formula One history by becoming the first driver to win eight world titles, Lewis Hamilton failed to make it to the final corners of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen snatched the title from him in a dramatic race last December. It was the 24-year-old Dutch Red Bull driver’s first title. But can Verstappen understand Hamilton’s disappointment at failing to come so close? In an interview with The Guardian, the Red Bull star sent a clear message.


“Seven titles with you… I think that’s not so bad, is it ‘ “

“Hamilton’s disappointment?” muses Max,

“For me, it’s hard to imagine myself in that situation, because I’m not a seven-time world champion. If I was already seven times world champion… it hurts a little bit less than when I’m fighting for my first one, a championship that I’m leading all the way, that I’m controlling all the way, and that I would lose on the last lap.

“It would be much more painful than if I had seven titles with me. Seven titles with you… I think that’s not so bad, is it?” said Max Verstappen in an interview with The Guardian.

Today Red Bull Racing team is presenting its car for the 2022 F1 season, which will be driven by reigning world champion Max Verstappen and Mexican Sergio Perez.



13 responses to “Verstappen’s stark assessment of Hamilton’s failure in Abu Dhabi

      • The pain was not that he lost but how he lost. Imagine a referee costing u a game rather your opponent.

        • Doesn’t that happen in lots of sports?… for as long as they exist? Football for instance? Learn to live wih it or live learning it.

          • Then the referee gots to be punished. Show him the door n let’s wait for the 2022 championship

    • The queen of England begs to differ and also nearly of of his peers apart from Alono which we all know why.
      Please list all of your achievements Vijay so we can judge you also.

  1. Give it a rest on this subject. There like bunch of spoiled kids. Grow up and get on with what your paid for .

  2. I didn’t think I use this narrative for max, he’s becoming arrogant about what transpired that clearly gave him that title, i said title, because he did not win, they help others including him main opponent who clearly winning and hand him this title, obviously it’s tainted , that will remain the same throughout his carrier, he can wash it out, go build yourself a convoy to seek a blind support to legitimize that, I guess that a new nom.

    • True, Hamilton had a 16 second lead and should have retained that once the race restarted. He was robbed, all because the rules and also those not followed…. did F1 image no favours! Go AMR22 this season…

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