Lando Norris, UK new F1 hope as FIA ditch Hamilton’s BLM gesture

Self-doubt plagued Norris at the beginning of his Formula 1 career, which also had an impact on his performances, but for 2021 the British driver has found a new level of performance; bringing with it a new hope as a British number 1 in F1 – Norris has improved season after season, and according to the young McLaren driver, experience is the secret recipe that allowed him to perform so well last season.

His breakthrough came in the 2021 Formula One season when the youngster took his first pole position and narrowly missed out on his first Grand Prix victory in Russia. The season as a whole has increased his value in the paddock immensely.

Further, Norris has eclipsed by a country mile Daniel Ricciardo, an experienced and respected driver and a faint title hopeful himself at the start of the 2014 season when he alone was able to keep some pace with the runaway Mercedes car, whilst the Australian was driving a relatively poor Red Bull.


Ricciardo finished last season in eighth place, beaten by Norris 15 times in 22 races.

“I hate to give an excuse like lack of experience,” explains Norris.

“It’s so easy to say, ‘Oh, I’m just not that experienced’, and I wouldn’t like to bring up ‘lack of experience’ as an explanation. “I don’t like having to say that sometimes, and I didn’t want to think it would make much difference.”

Ricciardo has given Norris a new benchmark and the McLaren talent says that has also had a positive impact on his development. “It’s been a combination of understanding from previous years, a fresh start, a different teammate and so on, and a slightly better car that I have more confidence in,” Norris said.


“So I’ve really noticed the difference more than maybe first year and second year,” explains the McLaren talent, who is “very happy” with his development in the 2021 season. He has also worked on his weaknesses and “even turned some of them into strengths”.


For the McLaren management, it is clear, Norris is the future for the team and almost certainly for UK’s Formula 1 hopes beyond Lewis Hamilton; who appears to be willing to come back this season, but for how long?

Indeed it looks like Hamilton’s star is gradually falling further downward in the eyes of the paddock and fans alike, the latest news is ditching of the BLM gesture of dropping down onto a knee prior to the race start. The ever canny ex Ferrari man and current MD of F1, Stefano Domenicali says that instead of pointing out social problems with gestures, it is now time to “do something” to increase diversity in motorsport.

“I think now it’s about to go from gesture to action.”

An underhand comment perhaps, aimed at Hamilton’s rather superficial gesture.



11 responses to “Lando Norris, UK new F1 hope as FIA ditch Hamilton’s BLM gesture

  1. “An underhand comment perhaps, aimed at Hamilton’s rather superficial gesture.” … No doubt! Superficial gestures is spelled ‘Lewis Hamilton’. Regulary he reaches the headlines whith his BLM or climate concerns. Also time and time again he is caught out not practicing what he preaches. Great driver, not a great person. Addicted to attention and an ego, too big for the sport.

    • Ah, the guy who pledged £10 million of his own money and more through his team to his causes is doing empty gestures ? Even the commission, do you have any clue how expensive it is to maintain ? You sodding clowns including the ones that are running this god foresaken excuse of a website are just riding on hidden extraneously motivated hate and judgement towards Hamilton. And it’s pretty easy to guess why you would so, especially and exclusively towards him alone from the grid.

      • 10 mln he pledged you say… let give that a thought shall we, before jumping into blind adoration and accusing everybody of racism. He earns 40 mln a year. That is just his Merc salary. 10 mln is 25 pct of that… however… he is in f1 for 8 years now? So over the years its only 3 pct. ( i know he did not earn 40 mln over all the 8 years but i also ignore his other income so it more or less cancels out). Then there is a big tax deduction for gifts so lets put his pledge on 1,5 pct of his income… i give more to greenpeace…

  2. Ahh. The only Black man driving an F1 car, who puts millions of his own money into diversity projects, changed the livery of his team and organised a BLM gesture in every country visited by F1.

    Must be a superficial man, because it clearly takes a white man to actually achieve anything.

    Your bias is showing. Or perhaps your racism. Can’t tell which from your text, but you are consistent in your disdain for the most successful racing driver of this generation.

    • Says SCOTT F—EN NORRIS…☻☻☻☻😂😂😂
      You are nothing. Not even equivalent to LW’s last drop of p–s he shakes off his di-k.

  3. What about far more important issues like including LGBTQ and yim’s or year’s into sport. Maybe all the driers can bend over for 15 seconds, then take a knee, then give a middle finger in support of gender based issues.

  4. i was basically “Switzerland” on the whole topic of Lewis Hamelton; I have been a Ferrari fan since 1961, and I live on “the other side of the pond.” That is until he put the BLM on his helmet.. Black lives certainly do mater, but the organization BLM is a Marxist inspired front group. Anywhere marxist have formed the government millions of people have been murdered (Russia Joe Stalin, China Mao, Cuba Castro & Guevara, Cambodia Paul Pot.) So, when Lewis chose to put BLM on his helmet, his name was engraved on my “shit list.” Once on my “shit list,” forever on my “shit list.”

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