Hamilton receives high praise from the place he will retire to

Recently defeated Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton certainly is no stranger to the Hollywood Elite, a place he will certainly be retiring to come the end of his F1 career, whenever that might be. Creating ‘friends in high places’ for many years now, the latest Hollywood star to lavish praise on the darling of Formula 1 is actor Tom Holland.

Tom Holland impressed by F1’s Hamilton “as a role model”, and the actor is making sure that as February is Black History Month in the USA, his name is firmly linked to the overt advocate of the Black lives matter campaign in the worlds least equal sport, the UK’s Lewis Hamilton.

Black History month is when the contribution of African-Americans to the history of the USA is to be honoured. In this context, an interviewer wanted to know from Tom Holland which person he could think of first from whom one could learn something. Without having to think too much, Holland started raving about his friend Lewis Hamilton.


“I mean, if you look at Lewis Hamilton and his career. I just had dinner with him a couple of weeks ago. He’s a role model for so many people around the world.” praising the F1 driver.

Actor Tom Holland thinks Lewis Hamilton is making history every day. Yet Holland says it was the season finale that impressed him: “What happened to him at the end of last season and his ability to lose with so much grace against all odds, in a sport that seems so elitist.”


Hamilton’s career speaks for itself, he said. “He’s broken just about every record and broken every glass ceiling you can think of,” explains the Hollywood star, whose credits include Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. Holland, however, finds more words of praise for Hamilton: “So he’s someone who impresses me a lot, and he’s making history every day, so I congratulate him.”



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