Verstappen receives a warning for his future

Verstappen receives a warning for his future, in 2021, Max Verstappen was crowned Formula 1 World Champion for the first time in his career. Nevertheless, for Mika Häkkinen, the Dutchman still has room for improvement. But the Finn was keen to warn him about the potential obstacles that could stand in his way.

The 24-year-old Max Verstappen was crowned world champion for the first time in his career after a hard-fought battle with Lewis Hamilton. Throughout the season, the Dutchman showed incredible determination, a mind of steel and great consistency.

In fact, out of 22 Grand Prix, the Red Bull driver finished in the top two in 18 of them. However, according to Mika Häkkinen, Max Verstappen can still improve. But the Finn was keen to warn the 24-year-old driver about the obstacles that could stand in his way.



For Häkkinen, Verstappen can still improve if he can find the right…

“Can Verstappen still improve? Of course, if Max keeps out of trouble, avoids accidents, stays healthy, that’s the only way to continuously improve his performance. But you know, the human mind is something we can’t control, and everyone is different, so it’s up to us to know what we want to achieve in life tomorrow,” Mika Häkkinen said.



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  1. I’m sorry after following f1 since the 1950s after the farce of Abu Dhabi l will no longer bother, vestafin should be in stock cars, he might be fast but has a total disregard for what’s happening round him, and the officials totally clocked up the safety car situation

  2. If Max is so good, coming in the top 2 in 18 races, why was his dubious title won by the very slimmest of margins? He hardly romped home as you would expect from that number of podiums. The circus that F1 has become doesn’t care about who wins. They have been claiming that it has been a battle between “the 2 greatest drivers” I don’t think that’s true, I believe that this manufactured “rivalry” is to nurture interest in the sport, therefore generating more money for the American owners, didn’t they try to do the same to football with their European super league?

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