Compromise offered after Mercedes & Red Bull demand bigger budgets

Although no final decision has yet been made on the introduction of the six Sprint races planned for this year in Formula One, Liberty Media, the owners of F1, has made a compromise offer to the teams to reduce the number to three after Mercedes and Red Bull demanded bigger budgets.

The Sprint races are still being talked about by those who are in favour of them and those who see absolutely no point in them. It appears that the majority of fans are against the introduction of Sprint races in Formula One this season, but F1 remains bullish and wishes to adopt the format more in the future.


In order to officially introduce Sprint races to the calendar this year, F1 needs unanimous agreement from the teams, and this is where the problem lies, as some teams have asked for a $5 million budget increase to cover the extra costs of Sprint races, including accident damage, while all teams must operate within the $140 million budget cap this year in Formula 1 championship.

Further, McLaren CEO Zak Brown accused some of the biggest teams of holding the sport “hostage” earlier this month by voting against certain rule changes and calling for a $5 million budget cap increase.

With Formula One struggling to convince all teams of the benefits of Sprint racing, Liberty Media has made a compromise offer for 2022 with only half of the races originally scheduled on the calendar – three, according to AMUS.

From now on, all the parties will meet at the next meeting of the F1 commission scheduled for the 14th of February. If no agreement is reached by then, the idea of sprint races could simply be abandoned for this season.



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  1. So three Sprints rather than higher-than-originally planned budget cap upper limit, i.e., last year’s figure. Good, albeit entirely abandoning Sprints for this year is still an option. We’ll see.

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