Red Bull speaks out on Lewis Hamilton’s future

Red Bull Racing team principal speaks out on Lewis Hamilton’s future – Will Lewis Hamilton be at the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season? Christian Horner voices his opinion about the Mercedes driver’s future.

The Formula One season will start again in March. However, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the 2022 F1 season. The question is whether Lewis Hamilton will be at the wheel of his Mercedes. Although the British driver is under contract, there are many questions about his future.

Since his defeat by Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi, there has been talk of a possible retirement for Lewis Hamilton.


“I hope Lewis will be here”

Everyone has an opinion about the future of Lewis Hamilton. And this Tuesday, for Wion News, it was Christian Horner who spoke about the case of the British driver.

The Red Bull boss said of Hamilton:

“I hope Lewis will be here. At the end of the day, it’s his choice, his career, his decision. I’m sure he’ll decide to do what he wants to do and what’s best for him.”




20 responses to “Red Bull speaks out on Lewis Hamilton’s future

  1. Christian Horner is no match for the wolf Wolff and the hyena Hamilton, when it comes to loaded statements. Therefore Horner made the most wishy-washy statement he could make under the circumstances.
    I feel sorry for George Russel. He has already been told at the time of signing what his role will be. He might regularly beat Hamilton in qualifying but in the race his job will only be to impede Verstappen.

      • No need to overhear anything. It was there everywhere when Wolff said that Russell knows his place in MB. “You play wingman for two years and then you can begin to win races”

      • Don’t like Horner or red bull they are nothing but cheats, I truly hope that Lewis is on the grid for 2022 he is the best driver on there he is a gentleman driver not like mad max

    • F1 is rotten to the core will never improve I do not entertain now, even his team get things wrong ,retire Lewis thing will not improve and move to formula E more interesting, l don’t watch F1 now.

  2. Sir LH has a real life outside F1, he doesn’t really need to return to take all these risks again and have the race director changes the rules 2 laps from the end of the season. MV will properly hurt someone with his dive bombing at corners unless the FIA get a grip. He didn’t even have the grace to check LH after he genuinely could have killed him at Monza. If I was Sir L, F1 not worth the grief now with dangerous tactics and on the hoof rule changes. Go enjoy yourself Sir L, me, taking up watching WRC, more fun, more respect, less spice girl and more old spice man

    • Checking would’ve been unnecesary as Lewis being unhurt was entirely obvious from the outside.
      Otherwise, he wouldn’t have tried reversing, LOL.

    • Yet it was Sir loo who put MV in the hospital and he couldn’t care about what he did at all? The penalty sir loo got for that was ridiculous, had the rules been applied by the stewards he would have lost points at least and the championship would have been over anyway.

      • Two things that happened at Siverstone cannot be forgotten nor condoned.
        One was the ape-like riotous celebration on the podium after nearly killing or seriously maiming a competitor. The other was Loo’s statement that, faced with the same situation (losing the lead in the race) he would do it every time.
        In nearly 50 years of watching sport, I have not seen anything so disgusting.
        It was enough to turn off a loyal Hamilton fan like me.

  3. In whole the desicion of overruling in the last lap it’s unprofessional …if Lewis walk away he can be proud in his 7x world titles comes from being determined to win the race not getting the title with the help of a racing director. …I hope he comes back and don’t give FIA & Massi the satisfaction of there wrong doing

  4. Mr Horner would like to see the back of Lewis because as it stands he is the only person Max has to beat fair on track.
    If Lewis is not there Max can continue bullying his way on track and his boss will endorse his behaviour as being special.
    Max is good but not any better than the likes of Lando,Charles, George and even Alonso.
    So for most of the trams it would to their advantage if Lewis was not there.

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