FIA toying with Mercedes, as disaster looms for Lewis Hamilton

Is the FIA playing with fire? Is this a disaster looming for Lewis Hamilton? – While Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the new FIA president, and Stefano Domenicali, the Formula One chief executive, have been talking about the last Grand Prix of the season, still no decision has been made, which continues to keep Lewis Hamilton’s future in limbo.

All Formula 1 fans are hanging on Lewis Hamilton’s every word, as he still hasn’t made up his mind about his future in F1. The seven-time world champion is still in silence after losing the world title to Max Verstappen on the final lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which has left his future in doubt.

Allegedly, the Mercedes AMG F1 driver is awaiting sanctions against Michael Masi, the FIA race director, who made some controversial decisions during the safety car regime, and his decision to restart the race has been the subject of much discussion, since Max Verstappen, using new soft tyres, had a very important advantage over Lewis Hamilton who was a sitting duck.


The FIA does not decide, Hamilton still in the dark

As a result, Lewis Hamilton was betting big on the FIA meeting and was expecting important decisions. Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the new president of the FIA, met with Formula One CEO Stefano Domenicali on Tuesday to discuss the final race of the season, and in particular the situation of Michael Masi, whose departure would be one of the conditions set by Lewis Hamilton to remain in F1. Well, it appears Mo has called his bluff.

According to the Daily Mail, although the discussions were constructive, for the moment nothing has been revealed and no decision seems to have been taken. More importantly, the FIA has published its timetable and revealed that the conclusions of the investigation into the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be made public on the 18th of March, just two days before the start of the season.

This is unmanageable timing for Mercedes, who will be presenting their new car a month earlier, on the 18th of February, and are still waiting for Lewis Hamilton’s final decision. But it seems that no one will know any more after the meeting that took place on Tuesday.

The Hamfosi are chomping at the bit, waiting to know if their 7 time Champion will come back into Formula 1 racing. The wait is set to continue…



92 responses to “FIA toying with Mercedes, as disaster looms for Lewis Hamilton

    • I’m sorry f1 is not just for lewis there are 21 other drivers that are in cars if he doesn’t want to drive then say good bye & put another young driver in his & pay him less money…….
      Im sorry it just seems to be sir spam this sir spam that yes spam no spam 3 bags full spam he’s a cry baby who’s gonna keep spitting his dum dum out

      • Goat Lulu neuteredmilton is done, he has been neutered by the king time for lulu fans to get out for good

        • I agree, it’s outrageous that the Rice Director is implicated in this way, nutrition is the key ingredient to their success, they don’t get enough support in my view…….

          • Hamilton is behaving like a spoilt child. It would do the sport a world of good if he didn’t come back. However, he will. He believes he is a God and He can do no wrong. If he’s so far ahead of the other drivers, why was he still trying to win at the last race? Good riddance to bad behaviour.

      • Stupid statements, you want your best drivers to stay in F1..If it happened to Verstappen, he would respond the same way…all the drivers found it strange the way it all unfolded..but it was the best season in a long time..but lets it ensure the rule makers know what the rules are

        • They don’t care who stays in F1, they are the world motorsports governing body….. Liberty media who hold the commercial rights might care.

    • The GOAT was deliberately hung to dry because someone did not want a fair end to the race. It should have been red flagged in order to get everyone on fresh tyres and then allowed to continue. That would have been fair.

        • I think they do, but as Hamilton is not the goat he just whinges and whines. No one, Hamilton, Wolff, Max etc is bigger than F1.

      • Lewis could have pitted for fresh tyres, he did not want to give up track position just in case max stayed out, they call it catch 22, screwed if you do, screwed if you don’t. He is only doing this to put pressure on the race incoming race director (or not?) before the season starts, all respect for Lewis and Mercedes totally gone, talk about entertainment, how dare someone else win?

        • To be fair to Hamilton, he asked the question. It was the team who decided not to pit. I think which ever driver had the fresher tyres but in P2 would have won the race. Bad strategy call from James V.

          Hey Ho, ‘We win titles together, we throw titles away together’ 🙂

        • If you remember. Masi originally said the lapped cars between LJ and Max WERE NOT ALLOWED TO PASS. Then with 2 Laps to go Masi changed his mind. HOW the f##k can one defend and plan. Why risk a pit stop when originally the Race was going to finish under yellow.

          • Red Bull changed Max’s tyres as soon as the safety car was deployed.
            Mercedes played cautious and assumed they had the upper hand.

            Only when the cars were being prepared to race again, something all teams had asked for, as in not to finish a race under the safety car, did Mercedes try to interfere with the race director.

            Oh Michael, it’s not fair…’ whimpered Toto

            If you want to appreciate about contrived titles do some research and look up Balestre, one of the most crooked characters in Motorsport history

          • Race directors have changed their minds over decisions plenty over the years. Get over it.

        • They have a train called the Blue Train which rivals the Orient Express in South Africa. Shame about the facts huh?

    • What a cop out by the FIA ! And their new man is reported as saying ” rules are rules ” ! ??

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          • How do you know I’m not gay? Wife??? I think today’s Sir Poo woke terminology would be ‘partner’. 🙂

    • Lewis is not the only person in the race and I am glad that he did not win he is to big headed, well done to max

      • I agree Elizabeth behind you on that one, what a spoilt brat go eat shit and die Hamilton as my son says lol.

    • There’s no such, first they said,he never said a word ever since he was robbed of his title,then where did they get that information,he will come back if Masa is fired.

    • Time Lewis fucked off now. One good thing that’s come of the last race is its shut him the fuck up. No bullshit tweets about new world order or saving the planet by eating monkey shit.

        • To right F$%I off Hamilton you have had your time go and sniff arse somewhere else how much more S#it do you want to spread your days are over be a good boy and retire let real men take over.

      • Verstoppen is soo full of himself, remind me of lh44goat when he was young driver. Glad to him looking up to his idol…

    • LH must get over himself, poor loser. He cannot play God and dictate to the powers that be. He’s arrogant and wants to call the shots. He cannot expect to win every race, and sooner or later someone is going to win. He must get over himself. If he wants to retire, let him. F1 is NOT all about LH. 😡😡😡😡

    • I agree with most of the comments. The competitors can’t be allowed to dictate to the referee. Perhaps the decision was wrong but Mercedes made a call on tyres, which was wrong, so live with it and build for next year. I have always thought Lewis was a spoiled petulant child, a great driver though, and this is showing his true colours.

      • At last a comment I can agree with 100%. On one side I want to say get lost LH, spoilt brat, on the other side I want him to come and be the driver so many other claims. If you are good, you are good, but the sun does not shine out your back side. Let motor sport and it’s contravertial decisions fly high. Get rid of racist annotations, motorsport is for the more effluent community and will always be and there are black sportsman that make there mark in sports with out having to jump on the BLM wagon as LH did, shame of him.

        • He probably didn’t understand the full political motives of BLM – just thought it was a snappy slogan.

  1. The interesting point in this is that the FIA won’t be releasing their report until March 18th, which is the day of FP1 for the Bahrain GP. So unless the FIA plans to fire Masi on the day the season opens, it’s pretty evident that Masi is going to stay and M-B and Hammy have lost.

    • The FIA wil not let the tail wag the dog. If Mercedes/Lewis wanted Massi replaced keeing quiet would have been the thing to do. The New president would probably be OK with replaceing Masi but he is not going to give in to pressure form a team.

  2. Lewis and Toto are pure drama queens, F1 will continue on and be very exciting with or without Lewis. If he want’s to quit, he should do so and be gone. The will he won’t he has gone on far enough and most people are tired of it. He has nothing left to accomplish in the sport with 7 WDC under his belt, not to mention a whole slew of other records. He’s one of the all time greats, and will be remembered as such, but enough is enough now.
    Personally, I think he will continue to drive for next year because Merc has to build the car for him or someone else, they’ll have already been building it. So come on people, enough of the drama.

    • How can someone people simply dismiss all what LH has achieved, why are you slagging him off just because this saga has gone on to long, its not going to finish until well into the next season, all it needs is to teach the FIA a lesson and were it hurts, IN THEIR POCKETS, these people are getting paid a hell of a lot of money, just to change the rules when it suits them. As for LH he’s put his heart and soul into his career from when something has been taken away when you know you have done enough to win the most important race in your career and then see its snatched away from you I can understand the devastation he’s been feeding. If it turns out that LH decides to quit because of what Massi had done, I would be prepared to boycott the British Grand Prix and would hope that all the other LH fans would follow suit and do the same. So don’t think that its all over not yet anyway.

      • 1st of all, F1 hasn’t had this much interest in years so financially its not hurting them at all, to the contrary, and you can boycott Silverstone all you want, it will still be sold loss there.

        MB and sir Loo tried to throw their weight around and lost.

        PS they are also acting like 2 year olds and it’s a stain on sir Loo’s career

      • Now the American fans are arriving en masse, I think if Sir Loo left and a young Californian driver called Colton Herta or Mexican Pato ‘O’ward joined the sport, it would more than compensate for the loss of the Hamfosi eyeballs.

        • Stop hating on lewis, its disrespectful to call him loo, it’s sir lewis Hamilton you b##(__ learn to repect him this sport is racist and full of whitesupremasict agenda and you are one of it saw how your whiteboi sissystappen got his babyass spanked by sir lewis hahaha 9th title coming soon #blm #stopblackhate #makeearthblackagain

      • Sir lulu neuteremilton has been neutered by the king he not gonna win anything now better pack up and leave and make fashion clothing

  3. Has Lewis ever mentioned that he was thinking of retirement? I don’t think so. Only Toto has. So I don’t know what all the fuzz is about… Take that fact into account and you will see that all this is nothing but third party induced drama.

  4. I think it’s time he picked his dummy back up and get on with it I admit Lewis is a good driver but would he be that good in a different team where they had no tech knowledge

    • He picked up his dummy and got on with it when he went over and congratulated Horner and Verstappen.

    • All those writing against Sir Louis Hamilton to quit are foing so because they know that with L.Hamilton in F1 other drivers have no chance of winning a world title!Even what happened in yhe last race is a fact that Mr.Masi did not want Hamilton to win and shifted the win.

  5. The point is both are great drivers and either one deserved to win on the track.
    But that finish to the season was not right the rules were bent and the the FIA has lost its credability🤬

    • Lmfaoo it’s time for fake woke lulu so called f1 and drama queen closeted lulu to make a exit

  6. ALL F1 one fans …. bah… a minority cry babies are hanging onto Lulu’s comments…
    The majority wants to see a new season with less tantrums and no kneeling.

    Even if Lulu leave, F1 would be better off…

  7. This is the top tier of motorsport ( well, WRC is really) I’ve been a Clerk of the Course and Steward for over 50 years, and I can tell you, the rules never get broken or bent, and most certainly not in F1 – no matter how much Wolff squeaks. The Abu Dhabi was overseen by a well respected and highly knowledgeable and qualified Masi. In the last few laps, he had to make decisions ‘in the moment’. all things being considered. No matter what is said, the result is cast in stone. It won’t be reversed. When Wölf lodged the complaint, the Stewards ( a highest authority) ruled. So be it.
    Then you get totally unsportsmanlike behaviour from LH. WHo also objectionably swerved the Prize Gala. A dreadful disrespectful snub. For which he should be punished.
    The FIA will announce the outcome of their enquiry Mar 18. It’s not going to change the race result . And it most certainly isn’t going to change the Race Director
    I’m with M Brindle on this one.
    So let’s get on with F1 ‘23 ( with or without the petulant LH whose spat his dummy out so far he will have to eat humble pie next!)
    The clue is in the name – “MOTOR SPORT”

    • Even you dont believe it…..because you want it to be so doesnt erase the fact that rules were manipulated.
      Just because you favour or support another driver doesnt mean a championship should be snatched in such a way from another…..losing is one thing, losing by manipulation of rules is another. Dont try to justify or talk louder than the rest and hope people will magically forget or it will disappear

  8. Guess what the whole world know what happening SLH and we are all waiting, can’t you find anything else to write about until closer to the date. I didn’t realize that only Mercedes & RB are the only teams on the grid…any news on the other 8 teams?????

  9. FFS lH Grow up and see the future MV !
    You are past your sell by date. Let the youngsters who work hard to get to F1 enjoy their time there without all this backstabbing and MB/LH/TW trying to influence F1.
    F1 is bigger than all of them !!

  10. I think it’s hilarious all this talk of Lewis being a “drama queen, spitting his dummy out, a cry baby”. This is based on what exactly? Him doing precisely nothing since being robbed of the championship and saying nothing. Oh apart from his very dignified and gracious interview after the race, congratulating max and horner and standing on the podium with dignity. Contrast that with max storming off the podium after losing a race which was won fair and square by Hamilton! Drama queen?? Cry baby?? Think your looking at the wrong racer here. Hamilton is nothing but class.

    • It’s based on his behaviour – some say since his petulant outburst in Monaco 2011 accusing the stewards of racism. “Cos I iz black”..

      Then there was the tweeting of his and Jenson’s telemetry in Spa – because Jenson handed him his ass in qualifying. Button Pole Position, Hamilton P8. Then Sir Loo – or just Loo as he was then, kept his foot in at the start and crashed into Grosjean 🙂

      Multiple incidents with Massa, Maldonado et al – calling out Ron Dennis his boss….. etc etc etc

  11. Who cares in any case, F1 got on fine without the greatest paper champ and will be fine long after he’s gone. He must grow a pair and move on, 2022 season is nearly here for LeClerc to become champ💪💪💪🏆🏆🏆 & the scuderia to finally clinch the title🥇.

  12. It’s clear to see that the FIA is pushing Hamilton out of this year’s calendar . This only reinforces my statement that they fixed the last race of the season and they don’t give a hoot who cries fowl play. My question is then this . Why are we then watching formula 1 because it’s then clearly not racing . When the governing body that must protect the sport from race fixing and predicting the outcome of the race has just broken their own rules and Mr Tott knew that was gonna be put a black mark against his good career and he ran away from the problem . So instead of sorting out the problem he ran away from it knowing they broke their own rules and regulations. So now the new FIA president will not be ruling for long because he will be said to have used strong arm tactics to get Lewis to come back to racing even the threat of a grid place penalty which max verstappen should have received after his stunt in the second last race of the season. Clearly it was not a break test but an attempt to cause the accident so that Lewis had to replace his front wing giving max and easy victory even if he had to make another pit stop for tyres. I don’t see how we can have so many ex F1 drivers and everyone was talking around the topic and not directly and openly speaking about it. Is that because they will loose their job for speaking the truth. That is another way of knowing this is not open racing but just a show and nothing else. When media start talking around the actual problem . Look we can debate about this for the next 200 years and that is exactly what the FIA wants because now they getting free press. No matter what we do . This decision will never change . Max verstappen will go down in history as a world champion because the people in the future will not know how he became world champion as long as his name is in the history books. Me personally I would have given up the trophy and say look guys give Hamilton the title . I am confident in my ability as a driver we will take the title and constructors title because we have caught up to the Merc dominance . But clearly crying to stay the world champion means he knew they crooked the title. I would have gained more respect for him as a driver because he will go down in history as the bigger driver of the Day and Lewis received a knighthood for crying they crashed his party. All this aside I prefer watching Indycar racing as they always said Sato would not become a great driver only to win indy500 twice . So clearly the mapping system the F1 used to hide his potential was unleashed when he went to real racing. Maybe even Roman will become a better driver now away from all the fake F1 calendar

  13. Hamilton will not come back to F1. He is frustrated with FIA and F1 with their no action tactic. He also felt betrayed by Mercedes over the withdrawal of its appealing. On top of that, his inferiority complex as a black reduces his mental spirit to carry on. I think Wolff knows more than anybody else that he is not coming back.

  14. Mercedes should call their bluff and apply to withdraw from F1 if this matter is not resolved on or before the 18th of Feb. They’ll lose a bit of money in the short run but the F1 and the FIA won’t survive the fallout after. F1 is a dying sport, mostly because of toouch interference from the FIA, Mercedes pulling out because of them, would just be the final nail in their coffin

    • You’re mixing a few things up here..The interference comes from the teams, with the new boss that will be stopped. The date is a clear signal to the teams and especially MB who has been acting like they own F1.

  15. Very sad situation that Lewis has not said an iota about ,so stop this childish rhetoric and be patient. Then get mad when you have more from the GOAT

  16. Who cares whether Hamilton races in 2022 or quits. The F1 sport is not because of him, he is because of F1 Sport. By mid season he would be forgotten. Stop pampering him, if wants to race he is welcome, if he wants to quit all the better for F1.

  17. Massi is obviously on the Red Bull books this wasn’t the only time they benefited from his intervention this isn’t about Lewis future but more about the future of F1

  18. This toss just keeps on giving. Another utter BS article written by a 9 year old. I mean, WTF is a safety car regime?

  19. LH just being petulant, making it all about him, I cannot think of another driver that would still be sulking 2 months later… Seriously!

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