Briatore returning to Alpine Renault

Flavio Briatore could be set for a return to Formula 1 to replace Prost at Alpine F1, as a consultant according to the Spanish media.

A very well-informed source close to Alpine from Marca says that although “a return for Briatore is very difficult, in F1 very difficult things can happen.”

Further, the Spanish paper claims that “Alain Prost had a largely symbolic position and now that position is vacant, regardless of whether the CEO of Alpine says he has no advice needed,” according to their source.


“If Briatore returns, it would be in that role – not as a boss or in team management, but as a consultant.”

Briatore “always made the most of the regulations and knew how to distribute powers when he was in charge of the team” says the source.

Whether the Italian former team manager of Benetton which became Renault can actually come back to the paddock, remains to be seen.

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  1. In the ‘Prost’ article it is suggested that the Renault boss does not want anybody else near or next to him. So this article is a bit contradictory. There can be only one true.

    • we’re reporting on the Marca rumour, it could be that Prost never accepted the figurehead role, whereas Flav happy with the title with no actual work to do

    • Not anymore, & in fact, he lost the life ban on 5.1.2010, so relatively soon after getting that.

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