Expert speculation around Hamilton leaving Mercedes, a surprise replacement

Amid speculation about Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One future, Mercedes has announced the unveiling of its new Formula 1 car. The car, named W13, will be unveiled at a “special digital” event at Silverstone on 18th of February – Meanwhile, ‘experts’ in the foreign media look at a future at Mercedes without Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes AMG F1 announced that the racing team will complete the first system checks on the Grand Prix circuit at Silverstone later on the presentation day.

Seven-time world champion Hamilton still has a contract with Mercedes F1 until the end of 2023, but since the controversial Formula 1 finale in Abu Dhabi at the end of last year, there have been repeated rumours that the British driver could end his career prematurely as a consequence. For the record, TJ13 thinks this is unlikely.


Hamilton had lost the world championship title to Max Verstappen in the Red Bull after a controversial safety car phase at the Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit. The controversial race control decisions are currently being reviewed but the results of which won’t be announced until the day before qualifying at the first race of the season. This of course means that Hamilton will really need to reappear for the team before the season starts, unless he wishes to drop them in it. The FIA has endorsed Michael Masi and really slammed Mercedes as a result.

This hasn’t stopped the speculation of what might occur should Lewis Hamilton stop racing and likely begin designing clothing or trying to sing for a job.

TJ13 understands that Wolff and Co at Mercedes will most likely call upon the services of ex Mercedes junior driver Esteban Ocon to partner George Russell at the Brackley based team if Lewis actually does leave the sport last minute.

Ralf Schumacher, ex F1 driver turned ‘pundit’ feels another is better placed however.

Schumacher believes such a departure makes it more likely the four-time former World Champion Sebastian Vettel could be an ideal choice to run the Mercedes next to Russell.

“The experience Sebastian has, the speed he still has,” he told Sky Sports Germany.

“And above all, he knows the Mercedes car, or the engine…I think the Aston Martin concept is also very close,

“Especially since there has now been a change in personnel at Aston Martin which may not be quite as ideal for Sebastian.” concludes the German.



7 responses to “Expert speculation around Hamilton leaving Mercedes, a surprise replacement

  1. I read Ralf’s words a few days back, & while he has a point, I doubt the realism.
    Anyway, this whole speculation throughout the off-season thus far has admittedly been annoying, given extremely low likelihood.
    Lewis isn’t a quitter & would be foolish to quit since Merc could very well get the new aero rules better than their closest rivals, which would be ideal for the record-breaking WDC #8 chance.

    • Is that the only way Hamilton can win? By having the best car?? Hardly worth considering a great really.

      Me? I hope 3 or 4 teams have got it right and it becomes a true fight

      • You missed my point, which is if he quit & Merc turned up with the best package, he could regret his move, so better continue since anything’s possible for next season.
        BTW, sorry for the delayed response.

  2. Hey quit the racist comments your ment to be grown ups not kids show some respect if it was about your kids you would be the first one kicking off does my head in your all ….

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