Masi set to issue Hamilton penalty for race one

Further Humiliation for Wolff and Mercedes as Masi set to issue Hamilton penalty for race one – After the initial outbursts from Mercedes and Toto Wolff following the 2021 Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix, which saw Lewis Hamilton lose his WDC title and fail to gain his coveted 8th title, things went quiet over Christmas and New Year.

So quiet in fact, the normally vocal Hamilton has refused to speak to his devoted supporters via social media; a highly unusual state of affairs for the British F1 driver.

With the haze of the New Year celebrations dissipating, there has been a flurry of stories in the British media, particular the Daily Express who are avid supporters of Hamilton, suggesting Mercedes have strong armed the FIA into seriously considering sacking their Formula One race director Michael Masi.



The latest of these Wolff/Mercedes attempts to manipulate motorsports world governing body yesterday suggested Lewis Hamilton would confirm he will race in 2022 if Masi is removed from his role.

TJ13 has always asserted the FIA will retain Masi simply because to do anything else concedes he made a mistake and opens the old wounds over the decisions made during the final race of the season.

Today the FIA have responded to the latest media pressure on Wolff/Mercedes behalf by stating there will be an investigation beginning soon, and ending with its conclusions on the day of Free Practice 1 & 2 at the first F1 event of the season.

Clearly, this calls Hamilton and Wolff’s bluff, by stating the British driver will have to decide whether he races or not in 2022 without knowing the outcome of their report into the Abu Dhabi race.


Hamilton is still refusing to respond to the new FIA president’s requests to contact him and is under threat of a sanction for refusing to attend the mandatory FIA end of season gala.

There remains the irony of Hamilton facing a grid place penalty from Masi at round 1 of the 2022 season, the very FIA representative Wolff and Lewis are demanding be replaced.




99 responses to “Masi set to issue Hamilton penalty for race one

    • Revoke is a very strong word based on what happened in the last race I won’t be using such word to any one.
      Hamilton did the right thing by not attending the gala which was for tv and those who wanted a new champion but whatever means.

      • F1 is great racing, until upper management steps in and reminds that reminds us it-s rheir toy and they can do what tney. Hamilton was winning until they saw the chance until the saw a chance get theit pick to win.
        We saw a professional automotive race become a carnival side show.

        • Exactly correct, who wants to watch a “sport” where the management decides who will win and who will lose.

        • Masi Needs to be sacked to save the sports greatest driving champion Hamilton should won his 8th World title but masi who favours verstappen that shouldn’t be aloud in the sport I think their going to be alot fans not watch f1 this up & coming season as I won’t be watch for that fraud masi who changes rules to suit him

      • The FIA F1 sports regulations state that winner and runner-up shall attend the end of year gala event. By refusing to go, sHamilton contravened the rules he accepted by participating as a driver in F1. If you don’t like the rules, leave.

          • What an asinine article. I wasted 1 precious minute of my life reading the first paragraph before I realised it’s utter garbage.

          • They never wanted Hamilton to win the championship. It was clear by the decisions made during the season.

          • Even without reading i know that it will be another bullshit article by this imbecile

          • If I was running Mercedes if they didn’t change the outcome of the race Mercedes would no longer be in F1.

        • You dam idiot every body seen listened in last race of f1 championship massi fia conspiracy to break a number if fia rules to conspired to make it impossible for LH to win every body heard seen he was so Grace’s and polite in ever way at end if the race un like max on many occasions sulking and walking of the podiums on few occasions so don’t quetion LH intergrati and sportsmanship enough said

      • F1 is a sport, one should be humble in defeat. Imagine if every sports person threw their toys out the cot when decisions don’t go their way. Many football referees don’t get it right, nobody asks for them to be dismissed. Get over it, move on.

      • Masi thinks he is God,earlier in the season he had a spat with Lewis.then final race he lets cars unlap themselves.millions of people heard his rule changing. I guess they wanted a different champion as F1 was becoming so predictable. Do it fairly Masi or leave. You are a cheat and a manipulator. Narcissists like you will only be remembered for wallowing in your own self importance.

        • Masi judgment flawed or corrupt.which needs clarifying before next season kicks off. FIA is not promoting fairness and level playing field.

          • The 1st lap was not fair no moaning about the advantage Lewis got ,let’s leave 2021 and see Max win the new season

      • How can I possibly be fair racing if obstacles are removed from the race. Why that was ever thought of is beyond me. Thats not racing, thats manipulation

        Steve Butler

      • Funny to read all those dust in the wind comments… I went to Gilles Villeneuve funeral before most of you were born…and watch and went to a lot of FI races live…( Montréal) Monaco.. anyway..
        Poor Hamilton… his ego destroyed not to have number 8 trophy…
        Yes he was the best car ever… 😂
        I didn’t skip a word..
        And he’s so fast… ( on the phone) to call Adolf Wolf to fake a mistake tires pit stop when Russel drove his … best car of all time…. To not looking bad in front of that rookie George…
        King LH … Le roi est mort,vive le roi..! J P ( Frenchy)

        • You as well as we all know! Max was gifted the last race of the season by Michael Masi it’s that simple ! And he has to be sacked ASAP P45 will be in the post ! You heard it here first !

    • The term champion refers to more than technical superiority. Personally I never had a great admiration for Hamilton because of this. Now under the shadow of defeat his true colours are shining bright.

      • What are you talking about? What ‘true colours ‘? I don’t expect you to be able to grasp the concept of a dignified silence though, so there.

    • As they say in government, (not fit for purpose) Masi in the last race acted like God to control the outcome of the race.But GOD he ain’t.

    • If this news of an in race penalty is true it just screams Inexperience from those running the FIA. They should be trying to do everything possible to box off the 2021 season as much as possible, and not carry any baggage into the 2022 season. Its effectively carrying that stain on the FIA’s record and making it applicable to 2 seasons and not one. So inexperienced….

    • What everyone seems to forget is that 1. Hamilton isn’t objecting to losing the race, he is objecting to how he was made to lose it.
      2. He hasn’t complained, Mercedes has. He has kept a very dignified silence while every one else a has speculated.
      No wonder he think that the governing body needed to take a good look at itself before he considers returning.
      I dont blame him, I applaud him

    • You have to stand by Masi to do anything else would leave the completely toothless.If they feel the need to discipline him they do it on their terms not one of the teams terms.

    • If Masi is not let go from formula 1 for the huge mistake he made Mercedes should not enter cars this year. It’s up to Mercedes to back their driver 100%. We’re would formula 1 be without Mercedes?

  1. I admit you’re quite entertaining – that is if you’re parodying a spotty 15 year old attempting to write for an alt right wank rag.

    I mean this can’t actually be the real you.

    Can it?

    Oh dear

  2. Some of you folks are so sad that this place must be heaven for you to get away from the real world.

  3. What else can they do that’s worse than robbing him of his 8th title? Nada! Hamilton has the right of not TALKING to anyone until he’s ready. Put yourselves in his position if you were cheated. WOULD U B HAPPY? I certainly would NOT b. Bunch of haters.

      • Hello you racist b…aitch shut up. Your low life can’t say anything of substance with referring to his race. I bet you a ugly piece if white trash that Barr has enough money ro send these messages.

        • It’s apparently obvious that this channel is biased and just makes stories up.
          More commonly known as Clickbait.
          Back to your day job because you ain’t no good at story telling!

        • Sure your kid likes it when blacks shut up and dribble. I think Hamilton is a coward, and his so-call support of BLM was a sham. He wants to belon

  4. What happened in the last event of the F 1 calendar can never be considered a proper championship. Max is brilliant and worthy. To have his first title tarnished in this way is a disgrace. F 1 has to get their shit together. As for the 8th world champion? What can be said , robbed by the ref.

  5. Formula one is bigger than any one person. If Lewis wants to pull a Senna and not decide if he’s going to race till the last minute, so be it. If he retires, so be it. There are plenty of drivers deserving of a seat.

    • Then qhy is no one talking about the Fake champ….why is all the F1 talk since the Abu Dhabi race about Lewis…even the Crashstappwn vans is Talking non stop on this topic.

  6. It’s unfortunate but the sad fact is Verstappen did not win the 2021 championship; he was gifted it. Masi all but stopped the race to reverse the positions when Hamilton had an unbeatable lead. I’m not particularly a fan of Hamilton or Verstappen and after that debacle in the final race I’m less of a fan of F1.

    • Totally agree. Max Verstappen is yet to WIN a championship. He is probably the first person in history to be gifted a championship. The FIA are going to destroy this sport before the first race at this rate.

    • All the bad things said about Lewis, I will stand by him. Im white and colour does not matter. A bad thing happened and Lewis, Masi must go! He made F1 look bad to give the win on a plate to Max. Max did not deserve to win. Lewis stay no 8 Champ in all his followers eyes. If you cant say something good, about Lewis, rather say nothing atall. Max walked away from Lewis when his car was ontop of Lewis without asking if Lewis was ok, very bad and low in respeck. He did not deserve to win and Masi must go!!!

  7. What happened in Abu Dhabi in the last race of the season was a gross miscaridge of justice on the side of the Race authorities, it is no different than the World Cup incident with Maradonas “Hand of god goal, obviously some kind of inside help from the officials, answer SACK MASSI

  8. Lewis won’t get a sporting penalty for an off-track matter, LOL.
    A financial one at maximum, if anything.

  9. FIA taking the piss out of F1 again, their decision to delay the conclusion of their enquiry until the first race of the season risks the entire integrity of F1 as the pinnacle of motorsport! So they plan to punish Hamilton for breaking a rule when they tore the rule book up after Latifi crashed. The F1 title was decided when they changed the floor regulations which slowed down 2 teams only, Aston Martin and Mercedes. Later in the season they changed the regulations again to allow Verstappen to force another driver off the track without penalty, compare Austria with Brazil.

    They are playing a dangerous game with Mercedes because the hierarchy may yet decide that they have spent enough time and money in F1 only for the result to be fixed. If they pull out they will take not only their car, but the engines too. Which will cause chaos in F1 if they leave their decision until the outcome of the enquiry, thus playing the FIA at their own juvenile game.

    If the FIA misjudge this they will lose many fans around the World, who will replace F1 with a more honest and much cheaper to attend motorsport. For a start there are all the motorbike series, Moto GP, WSB, BSB etc., plus BTCC and its support races. Let’s face it, Mercedes could enter a works team in BTCC for an entire season for less than the cost of 1 Formula 1 race, and the cars would be far more relevant to car owners than F1. And if Lewis Hamilton was their driver how invigorated would he be with a new challenge, plus how many more people would go to the British circuits?

    Finally I must say I’m appalled by the abuse on this forum, its not like it a banter site, I thought it was for motorsport enthusiasts but it resembles a junior school playground. And does anyone bother to check what they have written, or is that the standard of literacy we have to expect on forums and social media? I’m not a prude, far from it as I’m currently banned from both Facebook and Twitter, but that’s because American algorithms don’t understand the droll Lancashire wit.

    PS: If any of you object to my thoughts, you can get fkd!

    • What is this site, is it a blog, in which case why is it being painted as journalism, or is it actually journalism, in which case we’re are your sources.

      You are using this neat trick of just saying something and painting it as fact.

      Also for the love of God check your comments, and remove some of the vile abuse present in them

  10. Would sHamilton and M.B. have acted the same way to protest their win if the roles were reversed? No. They would have complained that Masi did not let the cars between them unlap themselves to put sHamilton (now on fresh rubber) behind Max if they did not make the same call.

    The fanboys will never accept anything that goes against them. Such is life. Get used to it snowflakes!

  11. There’s nobody capable enough to replace Masi within the FIA structure, he in turn wasn’t good enough to replace Charlie Whiting. Best get used to that.

  12. Guys at the end of the day when that crash happened every team had a choice to go into the pit lane and change tyres,some teams did and others didn’t so let’s just put it down to, the best team won calling Max in when that crash happened to to get new tyres unlike Mercedes who were worried of losing track position that’s what it came down to

  13. Well if they keep masi in charge then f1 will be just another sport that is rigged and every driver should tell them to stick the rules and let them race then we will see who’s the better driver/team are.

  14. Oh my, the whining goes on and on…. Let’s settle this once and for all and remove the final races results completely since so many people seem to think it’s a fix.
    Oh wait, that still doesn’t make him 8th time champion… 🤣

  15. The rules must be understood in general by the F1 fan community and in particular by the racers, don’t seem forced to win 1 driver and oppress others, especially in games that are enjoyed by the entire world community, the committee must be really wise in applying the rules

  16. PAUL S.
    A life long fan, quite senior retired.(LA, Monaco, Zandvoort, Vegas, Silverstone)
    The Sport of F1 has afforded me much pleasure over the years, in 2022 I am struggling to bring a positive outcome in deciding following yas marina debacle of 2021 if my support has now waned sufficiently to semi abandon my interest or stance forever, let down doesn’t come close.
    I very much enjoy the tech stuff following by elder stalwart( Gary anderson) and genius like Adrian Newey or straight talking EJ. obviously the race craft demonstrated or not by the chosen few, however their seats were cajoled…earned, journey men or well healed.
    My alternatives are few Alan Gow’s Bttc, or Barry Hearns match room.

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