FIA hit back Wolff & Hamilton with new statement

FIA hits back today after Verstappen and Hamilton’s controversial finish and self-imposed isolation in protest – The crazy end to the season for Formula One driver Max Verstappen is still the talk of the town a month later (12th December) with his remarkable taking of the Championship away from Lewis Hamilton.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has announced the start of a “detailed analysis” of the various events that took place during the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, but it certainly appears that their response to Mercedes sulking is a slow and somewhat procrastinating fashion, no doubt in response to Mercedes demands for reform but ‘no show’ at the FIA prize-giving insulting the newly elected ‘Sultan’ the FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.


But yet, it was an ‘injustice’ that continued to frustrate Mercedes and Toto Wolff, the boss of the German team and together with Lewis Hamilton, they were waiting for a thorough investigation by the FIA into the events that led to the British driver’s crashing out of the Championship hunt at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on 12th December.

A safety car with five laps to go changed everything: Verstappen changed tyres, while Hamilton did not. After some delay by race management to ensure trackside marshal safety, the GP restarted for one lap, during which the 24-year-old Dutchman took a definitive lead.

A magnanimous Lewis Hamilton was quick to accept his defeat after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, appearing to show fair play to new champion Max Verstappen.

But he would not have digested the events that precipitated the loss of his world crown so well in the following weeks, with an insulting refusal to attend the FIA prize giving ceremony along with a lack of response to the FIA ‘Mo’s attempts to communicate with the British driver.


And on Thursday, he was (partly) heard. The FIA issued a statement saying that the new boss of the body will carefully study what happened in the United Arab Emirates.

“Following the decision of the World Motor Sport Council in Paris on 15th December 2021, the FIA, under the leadership of Mohammed Ben Sulayem has begun a detailed analysis of the events related to the last Grand Prix of the season, Abu-Dhabi.”


The use of the safety car after the accident of driver Nicholas Latifi had also caused debate. The FIA therefore announced a discussion with the teams and drivers. The result of the investigation will not be known immediately, much to the dismay of Toto Wolff, who wanted a rapid response: the decision will be made on 18th March, the day of the first free practice sessions for the Bahrain Grand Prix (race on 20th March), leaving such a decision to the very last possible moment before the 2022 season starts.


108 responses to “FIA hit back Wolff & Hamilton with new statement

    • Mercedes have become the most petty outfit put there, only matched by their spoiled brat Lulu Hamilton who seeks redemption not due to unfairness but due to the unbelievable opportunistic and legendary actions of Max Verstappen, a worthy winner.

          • Mercedes, are behaving like 2 year old? Let them throw their dummies out… They were sleeping? It’s a doddle? No you lost

          • And Hamilton would of only won by dubious decisions after taking out both redbulls in one race, and verstappen in another. Mean whilst verstappen had penalties that didn’t apply when Hamilton did similar.

        • Lets put the conservative strategy of Mercedes into perspective in the last race…they had the opportunity to bring Lewis in for a fresh set of reds and that would have given them the victory they wanted. Now they are hiding there incompetence by trying to blame the FIA and everyone else for their loss… Karma played its part in the end for the Silverstone collision that allowed Hamilton to take back 25 off Max…because of the sprint race Hamilton was well aware of Max’s strength to drive away from him if he got through Cops ahead of Lewis…so he had to take Max out in order to get some points back on Max…any way he could…then the last race would have been a dead rubber…so stop complaining you whining brits…but what can we say…thats typical of your kind…can’t stand to be beaten..Max deserved the championship and you all know it…

          • “True F1 fan”, yet doesn’t know that it’s not ” Cops”? Let’s face it, your hatred of Hamilton is due to only one reason!

            If, you believe the clap-trap you’ve written, you are no F1 fan. Mercedes, or any other team in the same position, could never have made the same swap without losing lost position. A genuine F1 would know that!

            Those of us who know F1, know!

          • You are definitely a Max fan. Silverstone where Max took out Hamilton is fair to you than great. Max will end up crashing out another driver’s career, he is dangerous and doesn’t care about anybody safety. He definitely will risk it all for a glory, till that day somebody is killed. View all his driving tactics, especially his incidents leading to accidents. Then you would say, it’s the other driver’s fault. Then you say you are ( True F1 Fan)


          • Hamilton is too good a driver to have created the Silverstone incident unintentionally

          • All you people are missing the point why have a rule book if you can change the rules in the middle of a race. I personally wouldn’t want to be world champion winning in that manner


      • Lmao Max legendary? You need to get your head checked. He only has one title and you call him legendary wahahaha.

        • He is a legend since he won his 1st race in F1 youngest driver ever and 1st Dutch person to do this

        • Yes, Legend. If he was Hamilton he would have threatened to.quit after Silverstone.issue.
          He did not. Similarly with all the other unusually baised punishments which were not applied to Hamilton for same issues.
          He just knuckled down accepted issues and fought on with everything.
          I’ve lost all respect for Hamilton with these actions. His acting like a spoilt brat having a temper tantrum, because their strategy to not pit, did not get them the win.
          Please note I’m not even a Max fan and I am a AMG Merc fan, but this is just embarrassing for me as a massive Merc supporter. We made a strategic blunder and it failed us, not the rules or Masi or the FIA. Red Bull made the right strategy call. Finished.
          We can’t even claim we were robbed, as Silverstone accident removed 25 points from Max. If that accident did not occur, Max would have been rightful Champion in Qatar. So the whole Abu Dhabi issue is completely mute. Schumacher was band from the championship for similar incident in the past were he took out another driver to try to win the championship and you all crucified him for it, calling him a cheat. Yet Hamilton receives nothing for the same action.

          • Sir Lewis Hamilton is the winner of the Abu Dhabi F1 final race in the eyes of the entire Universe and that will never change therefore, Verstappen must be stripped of the title immediately puting aside any notions that he won the race. The FIA’s delayed decision does nor do justice to Sir Hamilton; he must be given adequate time to hone his skills both mentally and physically. Two(2) days before a race is totally unacceptable, he should know whether Massi is out or in. A decisionso close to a race speaks of corruption and says Massi is still a factor. Sack Massi and sack Verstappen; if this doesn’t happen the F1 season should and must be boycotted. Racismn has no place in sports, Black is Beautiful 8 times… Record, congrats World Record Holder Sir Hamilton.

          • What a blatantly racist and biased post. At least 40% to 60% of the world probably think otherwise. The way Mercedes stole 25 points at Silverstone gets quietly ignored

          • I’m sure max and redbull wined and dined the FIA dickheads for the present they gave them

        • Agree fully with the Silverstone analysis being at best unfortunate for Max and at worst a deliberate shunt by Lewis. Karma is real

      • Lmao Max legendary? You need to get your head checked. What with one championship under his belt. Wow.

      • It’s amazing how partisan some F1 followers are!! Lewis Hamilton has on a number of occasions had to start from positions on the grid which did not favour him! Due to penalties. Each time he either won or finished on the podium. This proves his driving ability. The fact that he has won 8 world championships is not only due to the car. Bothas and Nici Rosberg who won the title once drove similar cars.Further in the final race at Abu Dhabi Hamilton had a 14 second lead over Verstappen when the safety car was deployed. How can you have such a stupid unfair rule that causes you to lose a lead you have built up in the race to be totally
        extinguished when the safety car is deployed and then because there was only one lap left, the race was decided in a manner which everyone knows. Now you call Hamilton a spoilt brat. Go and suck eggs and be realistic!

        • You say it’s unfaire that the deployment of the safety car cost lewis his lead of 14 seconds at that moment.
          How do you call it when you’re lapped by the leader, but through a crash from you’re teammate a redflag is waved. And consequently you’re given back a lap and finisches in second possition.
          would Lewis not bin given this lap back then the champignonship would have gone to Max even if he had finisht second.
          So common and stop saying it was robed from Lewis. both had lucky and unlucky moments during last seasan, both had questionable decisions pro en con.

          further more a championship is won over a complete season, not the last lap of the last race.

      • You are a real clown, along with the Verstappen side show. Kick ol man Verstappen outta the garage, he’s a complete idiot

        • WhatIf Merc change tyres ? Their judgement error make them blame every one else and as we know everything can happen in motorsport

        • We all know Lewis won the championship but the fia will not conceed to loose face.
          They won’t go back on the decision we already know this.its just another scam.

      • People should stop the nonsense of bigging up verstappen and redbull, with the FIA they are outright cheats, if the new man in charge leaves it the same then we urge all sponsors to withdraw their support, if that doesn’t happen we will campaign for an all out blanket ban on their goods or services.

      • Be very interesting to see the boot on the other foot Horner and Marco would still be wetting the bed . Call it a day Lewis you won’t get a fair result of so called investigation

      • Hey Vlad you…, Max was 10 seconds behind! That’s like 10 laps behind! Max had already given up and knows he had lost it. Yes lost it. Lewis was miles ahead until MMasi fixed it to receive a backhander bet. Grow up it’s all about money that Masi made. Even Max knows he had lost and can’t claim that trophy legitimatly. Get over it – Max is the loser.

      • And what a response to a absolutely stupid decision to a driver that had 3 sets of wheels as opposed to a one pit stop you are a beginner of the sport or just blinded with Max! Idiot

      • Do you really think Max deserved that, he couldn’t even get close and it took a helping hand from Masi to get a win, La La land

    • Fully agreed to your statement.. It a wash put one sided race. Must well just do one lap. Why the trouble if the decision is already finalised

    • I have to agree with you . But to prove my point or should I say our point let’s go back to the second last race. I only speak from my little and small time driving experience. When I driver slows down on the racing line and the driver behind him is not aware of it then the leading driver has ill intent towards the driver coming from behind . Look at Perez and Fittipaldi earlier in the race when Perez was basically standing still on the racing line Fittipaldi ended up in hospital with damaged legs . Genuine accident. When Red bull told max to let Lewis by he slowed down on the racing line and the driver Lewis now doesn’t know what he is doing kinda slows down but here is where the ill intent comes into play. As Lewis approaches his car he carefully moves nearer the inside of the track. Because Lewis had less damage people just choked it down as a small incident but that was a lot more dangerous to when they said Lewis drove max off the track in Silverstone . Even there you could see that max previous Laps doesn’t give Lewis any space in which to race fairly because he moves his car on the racing line and under breaking which from experience makes it impossible for you to overtake unless you put you own life also at risk. For the FIA to ignore such behaviour from max allowed other driver like Alonso to do the same because they now of the opinion if max can get away with it why can’t we because that will be the basis of our argument from which the FIA will have no response to and that is what lead to Ocon winning his first ever grandprix. It’s not that Lewis couldn’t get by it’s because the FIA choose to break their own rules when it suits them. The second last race of the season if I was race director would have given max a 2 race ban minimum for that action. Purposely slowing down on the racing line whether the driver knew about it or not shows ill intent and I think he wanted Lewis to crash into the back of his red bull and which Lewis would need a new front wing giving max the win of the race. But what is more shocking is the FIA has ex professional drivers as a panel with well experienced drivers and they can’t pick up on that and the media talks around the topic and no one really says it the way it should be means that the media is also briefed on what to say as they are also in on this race fixing scandal that brought F1 racing into disrepute. People can say what they want we also know with engine mapping one driver can look much faster than another and we know it’s not really the driver who is racing to win but the people controlling the car from the pit lane that is where the real race fixing starts . This is my opinion as a small insignificant ex racing driver. But world renowned drivers can’t see when some one has ill intent for the driver behind him . My word how is that possible. But I am sure they have very good excuses to shoot down my opinion.

    • This whole fiasco could have been avoided, if only the Race Director and the Stewards, had played cool head on that day. Not to mention, Christian Horner, praying for a miracle and the intervention of the racing Gods.
      For a start, the race could have easily ended behind the safety car for the last lap, as the FIA regulations stipulates.
      If they wanted a racing finish, for the last lap, fair enough, then they should have brought, all the cars back to the starting grid and restarted the race, in exactly the same order, and track position for all the cars before Nicholas Latifi’s crash. Otherwise, they should at least have given the chance for Lewis Hamilton, or anyone else to put on brand new tyres, before the restart. Now, we have a situation, which forever, would be in the history books of F1, tarnishing, it’s name, image and reputation.

        • I just became a fan of this racing (groupF1) i watched other forums like Nascar and such. I don’t ever want to go thru this shit again, with the rules being twisted and the indecision to back your own rules is disgusting, I don’t trust them anymore so I will not be attending them anymore. A waste of time and moneis and passion for us to bear. we feel cheated now,this situation is an insult to the viewership and sponsors. ( fix hamiltons car before he’s killed in it,omg he hates the ride is why he’s not won this year. I could not imagine myself behind the wheel of a dreadful race car. how does anyone drive a race with trepidation in your bones at 200 mph.?

    • Get a life Barrie. Hamilton and his team erred by not coming into the pits and changing tyres like Verstappen did. Period. Now he cries like a baby. Move on. It’s a new season

    • I dreamed of owning an AMG Merc…now I would be embarrassed. The no show at the FIA awards was an insult to all those involved in F1.

    • I really really hope that Hamilton returns in ’22 and STOMPS it! And then retires, with Schumackers record beaten. IMO Lewis is already the better driver, but he needs to add 1 more title.
      Let 8 titles be the target for Mad Max. Let’s see how he gets on. 😂😂

    • The primary reason that Lewis did not win his 8th, championship rest squarely at the feet of Toto Wolf.. When Wolf saw the Red Bull was setting up to put a new set of “reds” on Max’s car he should have done the same. If the race had ended under the yellow flag it would have been a moot gesture, but if not Lewis would have been ready to hold off Max., Unfortunately for Lewis Toto was not smart enough to figure it out. Now, all of Toto’s whining is designed to cover his own ass, by deflecting criticism elsewhere.. You may not like how Masi made the call, but it was Toto that screwed the pooch.

      • You really don’t understand F1 do you! Max was behind Lewis, if Lewis comes in for fresh tyres Max doesn’t and takes the lead of the race with no guarantee racing will resume again. Toto had no option but to leave Lewis out, that’s why it stinks so much. In this situation the leader is at a distinct disadvantage


      • YOUR UNTOUCHABLE HAMI,, BLM SAVIOUR? LOST ,, SO ALL WILL DIE?? NOT SO HE AND MERC, GOT BLAZAI>> and payed the price now the babies are spitting out their dummies

      • They will not do that it would prove he did something wrong .
        He will be there somewhere at the back .

    • So the FIA’s response to a clearly unfair application of the rules for racing is to delay publishing the findings of their “investigation” until the day of first practice for the first GP of the new season. If that isn’t procrastination and brinkmanship I don’t know what is. LH and Mercedes will be placed the n an untenable position which can do nothing to resolve mistrust in governance of the sport and may ensure LH does not continue in F1. Should that happen it would be a shameful way to resolve the matter.

      • Masi to stay as an assistant.
        Change to rules.
        Toto and Horner fined for deliberate bombardment of the referee .
        Lewis will be back and get 10 place grid penalties.
        FIA have a lot to sort out they are walking on rice paper

    • I’ve only just started watching F1 this season. It comes across like figure skating judges able to decide the outcome regardless of the performances.
      I do enjoy the driving skills and the amazing tuning of these machines. But how are any of you taking this BS seriously? This sport is a joke. What a total fix.

  1. I don’t care what the outcome of the investigation is as long as Hamilton doesn’t return for 2022. Face it Lewis, BLM. Beat Last Minute

  2. The FIA holds the winning hand and is just going to let Ham and M-B twist in the wind. The FIA is showing them both that they aren’t bigger than the sport – and sooner or later one or both will blink and everyone will see the FIA have won.

    • F1 died in 2021.
      If max versteppen fans think he won the championship after he had it handed to him on a silver platter by a mistake by dumbass Michael masi bending the rules to favour max

      • Not if the ‘corrupt FIA’ keep finding ingenious ways to make him lose – 🙂

        You’d better hope they aren’t corrupt despite all your bluster and accusations

  3. Masi isn’t going to get fired, nor is Verstappen’s WC overturned. If either were to happen the FIA won’t have a tribunal that they control – they’ll be sued in a civil court and likely liable for millions, maybe tens or hundreds of millions in damages, and M-B’s name will be dragged through the mud, something M-B’s board will avoid at any cost. The only thing this report may do is clarify / codify what to do if a similar situation arises again. Other than that nothing will happen.

    • You know what Cav, for the 2nd time ever I find myself in 100% agreement with you!
      When you’re not being daft and all bwahahaha, sensible debate ensues – lol

  4. I’m just sick of seeing these continually stupid news feeds blowing things way out of proportion!!! You journalists only know what they want you to know. Stop using strong terms to allude to situations being way more melodramatic than they most likely are just too stir up comments from half-wits!

  5. What a joke! Hamilton dug in a prepared to not change tyres because he’s a bloody expert at this sport, akin to the brave historical drivers of yesteryear. He was usurped by a bad FIA decision and was obviously robbed due to crass unlawful actions by the FIA. Can you blame him for not seeing the ridiculous side of this? Bravery and decisive well honed experience over knee jerk BS by amature grossly irresponsible, failure to judge FIA idiots. Baaaah humbug!
    Lewis is champion as far as I’m concerned.
    Don’t understand why Max can’t see it.
    A claim to victory he doesn’t not deserves,l and he must know that. He’s very talented and will earn his stripes sooner or later, But this must feel very embarrassing for him. Not conclusive not valid. 🏁😖 A shallow and undeserving title. Well not to me or many people.

    I only wish I could go to a race, But this one would have felt excruciatingly disappointing.

    • This one’s been done to death – every race report at the time and since, stated it.
      Neither of them actually needed to pit (ie, tyres weren’t at 99% life), so any pit would have been entirely strategic to get ahead. If Lewis would have come in first, then Max wouldn’t, and the team played it conservative and didn’t want to risk relinquishing track position, especially given the known risk of trying to put a pass on Max. Therefore, as soon as the team saw the SC be deployed and Max coming in, they would have factored in the backmarkers then between Lewis and Max, the number of laps left, and the “RULES” about releasing lapped cars and the green light the next lap, and known they would be safe….

      Reality however, did not follow their realistic expectations

  6. If the track had been cleared more quickly Max would have won after all cars had been unlapped so this would have been irrelevant. I believe that cars should be unlapped under the safety car so that all drivers are back in race position as soon as the track is clear to allow fans to see as much race time as possible. I dont want to see a race finish behind a safety car. I dont want to see a rich and powerful team like Mercedes-Benz dictate to the FIA or be able to intimidate race officials when they make a judgement call. Mercedes had some lucky breaks in the season, mysteriously found extra pace in the middle of the season when things looked desperate and still won the manufacturers championship so stop hiding out like a jilted lover and show character. Sometimes the umps call doesnt go your way and that happens in lots of sports, and your supporters will always say they were robbed. I have never seen a performance like this from a elite sporting team.

  7. The FIA have had it in for Lewis from day 1. They let Raikkonon win 2 F1 GPs despite driving an illegal car so stopping Lewis’s first World Championship win and now they change the rules to prevent him breaking Saint Michael’s record. In reality Lewis has won 2 more World Championships than Schumacher, it’s just the FIA won’t admit it!

    • Absolute comedy gold…

      You are aware that Mclaren’s 2007 car was illegal right? Not just for a couple of events but all season long because they’d illegally used Ferrari data obtained by subterfuge

      $100 million fine kind of underlined that

      But hey ho, rewrite history for Zleeis like every fanatic seems to

  8. The author of this article is lacking knowledge, biased against Mercedes and Hamilton, biased for Verstappen, has a poor grasp of the English language, or all of the above.

    • You also show how ill-informed and parochial you are fuor your view that everyone must know the English language.
      What are we all English!?

  9. The result of the final race was a joke. But I also believe that the FIA has fucked up everything way before by treating Hamilton in favor over Verstappen in several occasions. If both were treated equally, Verstappen would have won the title way before the final race, so I still think that Verstappen deserves the title anyway.

  10. F1 is bigger than Max, bigger that Hamilton, even bigger than Mercedes. Nobody should be trying to put himself above the sport. Neither one of them. In sport decisions dometimes are arbitrary, even unjust. Everybody knows that, just like the fact that the winner is not always the one that deserves rhe win. Is is the essence of sport and sportivity. Next match starts with equal chances for everybody. Get over it, move on and fight again. Thats what it is all about. This goes for the racers, their teams and the fans. Not abiding to this essence of sports is unsportsmanslike and unprofessional.

  11. This is the most anti-SLH and anti- Mercedes site. The title of the article is just nonsense and has little relevance to the article. I have yet to read a single unbiased article on this site and Needless to say, won’t bother opening up any further articles on here.

  12. Poor Hamilcucks are running out of copium. They’re clinging to “Masi bad” like simp to an instathot. Statpaddington had better car, better luck and still got outperformed by Chadstappen.


  14. I wish they would go farther back and look at what set this up in the first place. Lewis was not even in contention for the championship. During one of the racing breaks Toto Wolff pretty pointedly called for someone to take Max out. He said all we need is 1-2 DNF’s for Max and Lewis is back in. And what happens? Wolf’s own drivers initiate contact resulting in one DNF and one low points result for Max. Without those two incidents Lewis is far back in points. This was Max’s year in spite of all Mercedes efforts.

  15. How long must we listen to this, what’s done is done if Hamilton can’t face the fact then it’s better he leaves the sport, and stop kissing his back side

  16. So many Lies It Was Not Five Laps It Was Last Lap As was Stated Manuy Times So Truly
    Whom Can U Believe Seriously When Masie Was Told By Wolff To Send Out saftey Car When
    Last Car Latife Crashed; All Cars Were Behind Lewis, An Dame Red bull Max got New tiers
    While Parez Was Holding Up Sir Lewis Why Then Let Lewis Pass AN Max Got Behind Parez
    Not Allowed As He Over Took Then Winner Lewis As Lawis said He could not understand Why
    Max went Past Him As Lewis had Won Already.🏆 There Better be an honest explanation Because
    There is going to Be Huge Damages To F1A & Mercedes As we are Still Leaving In Droves Mercedes
    An F1A. As the World Watch The Crap That Went On; After Lewis Told Max Won Lewis Did Not
    Undersrand He’s Father Congratulated Max When We Knew Somthing Was Not Right?

  17. The decision by the Race Director on that day was the worst decision I have ever witnessed in The history of sport. Any Sport. It took the shine on what was one of the best competative seasons fir a very long time. F1 lost big time that day. There were no winners. It must be a very hollow victory for Max which is a shame. He deserves to win on his own terms and not by a single person intent on being everyone remembers. It is not his sport, referees should not be the ones we talk about. The Drivers and Teams are the sport as as I said F1 lost. I hope it recovers.

  18. A delay for track marshall safety before the last lap was raced? What else happened before the last lap was raced@thejudge13? You’re conveniently leaving that part out, because you obviously have issues with Sir Lewis and are overjoyed that he was screwed out of his title. You, me and everyone else knows what would have happened had your “key omission” not occurred. Admit it. You’ll feel better. I know I do.

  19. Sir Lewis was shamefully and blatantly screwed by the Race Director in Collaboration with the Red bull Boss. It is all in the public record. The rules were bent so Verstappen could cheat Hamilton out if his sure win. It’s a disgrace to the sport and we know all real fans not biased individuals know the truth. It is shameful that a man is given an engineered win and he thinks he should be celebrated. He did not win the tittle it was stolen from Sir Lewis and handed to him on a plate of shame by the Race Director who it is well known hates Lewis.


      • 7 titles, lost one to controversy ,Abu Dhabi.
        Greatest F1 driver ever,and the cleanest and most dedicated you will ever see.
        History has proved all the dirty driver,s do not last as long as Sir Lewis has .

        • Siverstone killed his reputation for me. He is too good a driver for that to have been an accident. Much more likely to have been a calculated move.

  20. I laugh my ass off each time some dimwit here calls Hamilton “Sir”. You fools are still living in the middle ages.

  21. The intended outcome of the 2021 season was exposed when the floor regulations were altered, slowing down Mercedes and Aston Martin while handing a speed boost to the other teams because of the affect it had on the rake angle. Another rule change later in the season accommodated Verstppen’s aggressive driving style by allowing him to force a car off the track without penalty, compare Austria with Brazil and subsequent races.

    As for Mercedes no show for the end of season Gala where the FIA were looking forward to humiliating Mercedes and Hamilton even more, the new head said they were in breach of the rules and could face punishment. The precedent for breaching the rules was set the moment Latifi crashed and standard restart procedures were ignored for the final lap. Hamilton was 11 seconds ahead of Verstappen when the crash occurred, more than 75% of the race had been completed so on safety grounds alone the race should have been red flagged and the result decided from the positions at the end of the previous lap. And don’t forget that the FIA also denied Ferrari the opportunity to challenge both Verstappen and Hamilton for the win by keeping 2 lapped cars between Leclerc and Verstappen. Verstappen was then able to fully concentrate on overtaking Hamilton without being challenged from behind.

    In the interests of the integrity of the “sport” the FIA must conclude that the race ended the lap before Latifi crashed and declare Lewis Hamilton as the new record breaking 8 times F1 World Champion. Any other outcome renders F1 to be no longer the pinnacle of motorsport and thus making it as watchable as WWE! And dare they risk Mercedes withdrawing from F1 completely and taking their engines with them? How the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix finish was engineered must surely have the Mercedes hierarchy questioning the value of the vast amount of time and resources invested when the sport is fixed!

  22. Hamilton will never be in Schumacher league. Schumacher twice took worst performing team to top and kept them there. Hamilton went to best performing teams with best car. Russel worst performing driver on the grid got one drive in Hamilton’s car and won the race three times over almost.. Merc didn’t allow Russel to drive the following week because that would really have showed it’s the car and not Hamilton that wins the races. Hamilton and toto should be sacked for bringing the sport into disrepute. Masi should be made head of the sport for giving fans an exciting race where planning and nerve play a vital part. Merc and Hamilton had none of the above on the day. I am British by the way . So stop winging

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