Clarkson rips into Hamilton, again

Of late, the highly opinionated TV guy and writer Jeremy Clarkson has been somewhat targetting Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton, perhaps reflecting an ever growing grumbling by F1 fans worldwide. This week, Clarkson rips into Hamilton yet again.

Earlier this month, Clarkson took to Twitter to express his opinion during the Hungarian Grand Prix after it was only Lewis Hamilton did the restart after teammate Bottas caused a red flag at turn 1 of lap 1.

“Ah, clever. Only Hamilton on the track. That way he can’t hit anybody” tweeted the automotive journalist who was obviously referencing the collision deemed to be caused by Hamilton during the British Grand Prix, spinning out title rival Max Verstappen with a high speed crash at Copse corner.

The latest spat at Hamilton was this time in the written press. The article written by Clarkson, points out how childish Hamilton has become. 


Pointing out that Hamilton spent a long time behind the incredible defensive driving of Fernando Alonso, moaning on the radio that the Spaniard was cheating, Clarkson believes Hamilton needs his bottom smacked like a naughty schoolboy.


Perhaps the most controversial part being that after the race, Hamilton was held to 3rd place and appeared ‘unwell’. 

Clarkson wrote:

“He, [Hamilton] flopped about on the podium, claiming he has “long Covid”, which seems to me to be another way of saying “Please ignore Esteban Ocon, the rookie who just beat me. I’m the real hero and don’t you forget it”

“Well I’m sorry Lewis, but if you behave like that you aren’t. Oh and pay your taxes”.





12 responses to “Clarkson rips into Hamilton, again

  1. Exactly – this fact has been put to bed a long time ago, and anyone still beating that now defunct drum, must have an ulterior motive.

    Clarkson is an an utter pillock

  2. Funny how a week earlier Hamilton was running around Silverstone with flag after the race. Maybe at Hungary it wasn’t “long” covid – but “I didn’t win” covid……

    • I have been and F1 fan since I watched Fangio. I never saw any of the real contenders who were anything but very disappointed if they failed to win. That’s kind of the essence of great sportspeople. So yes, maybe your diagnosis of “I didn’t win covid” has some basis in truth. I rue the day when Mr H takes losing in his stride (so to speak).

      As for Mr J C (apt), glad to hear he only advocates bottoms smacking these days; he is better known as a punch you in the face in fits of peek type. Don’t talk to me about spoilt up their own bums brats.

  3. John, Cav

    …and you know the levels of excursion, speed, and fatigue in the specific conditions of each of those races how, exactly?

    Meta viewpoint, and not in direct response to you 2…. I wish people would, especially when commenting on the internet, think for a moment beyond their own preconceived judgements before criticising.


    • Meta viewpoint, and not in direct response to you – Hamilton fans can’t accept any criticism of their hero, such as in Hungary staunchly complaining that Alonso’s driving was dangerous, because he didn’t immediately pull-over and let Hamilton through……

      • Don’t generalise Cav 😉

        Here is one Hamilton fan who does accept that he doesn’t always come across the best on radio comms.

  4. Ignoring the taxes comment, Clarkson is absolutely 100% correct. Pathetic behaviour from a “champion”. Time and again he shows immaturity and behaviour not expected from a “champion” in any sport.

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