Vettel speaks about returning to Red Bull & Perez

Sebastian Vettel, after being politely shown the door by Ferrari, rules out the possibility of returning to race for Red Bull when looking back to the situation last year, Vettel speaks about his former team and Perez during the French Grand Prix driver conference.

The German driver had won his four world titles with Red Bull, leaving behind good memories and many friends. However, a second trip to Milton Keynes was never a real option for him, who instead decided to take on the ambitious project of Aston Martin, based 19 kilometres west of Silverstone as the crow flies.


At the wheel of the former Racing Point car, Vettel replaced Sergio Perez, and in a curious twist of fate, as they do in F1, the Mexican went to Red Bull.

About ten days ago in Baku, the two shared the first and second steps of the podium in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Today, however, they were protagonists, one alongside the other, during the press conference for the presentation of the French GP.

Talking about his negotiations with various teams over the past year, Vettel ruled out any regrets about not returning to the team that made him a champion:


“I’m not sorry and I don’t think it was an option,” explained Vettel, “I decided to go in a new direction and join a new team, taking a new journey with Aston Martin. I am very happy about that. ”

Vettel was also full of praise for the new driver of the Austrian team, who was sitting next to him.

“In all honesty, I really mean it from the heart, I am very happy that Checo got an important seat, because he deserves it.

“He has proved it not only with a win, but over the last 10 years he has been in F1. He deserves to be in a great car ”

Vettel then made no secret of an implicit ‘preference’ in the title race between Mercedes and Red Bull.

“I’m happy that Red Bull has a strong car for two reasons,” concluded the four-time world champion.

“The first is obviously because I know most of the team. And then for Checo, who now knows to go into the race being able to fight for the win. We all witnessed what happened in the past. He’s never had it [a winning car]. So it’s great for him.”





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