Is this the return to the Vettel of Yore?

TJ13 looks back at the last few Formula 1 Grand Prix, and how you the readers, scored them in our polls. Today we look back at Monaco…


Monaco 1

Rate the Race and Driver of the weekend Round 5, Monaco 2021

Race Score:  4.92 Rated 4/5 out of 5 races so far this season.

With the Monaco GP being cancelled last year, and Rate the Race Polls not being run in 2019, (Author only score of six awarded), we have only the scores for 2018 (3.6) and 2017 (4.16) as a comparison. 

Well, the race itself may have not been up to much, but the outcome certainly was. For the first time this year, (or ever!) Max Verstappen leads the WDC, one point ahead of Hamilton, and Red Bull lead the WCC, one point ahead of Mercedes. How did that happen?

It all started (sort of) one minute or so from the end of Q3, when Leclerc, having put in a pretty good banker lap, crashed and red-flagged the qualifying session, scuppering Verstappen and Sainz’ flying laps, either of which might have claimed pole.

However, Karma being the bitch it is, Leclerc not only did not win his home GP, but he didn’t even start it as his driveshaft snapped on the formation lap and he was out of the race. This of course was caused by a crash in qualifying the previous day.

Verstappen was therefore in pole position of sorts, if not actually on pole as P1 remained empty for the start of the race.

The expected procession ensued until Bottas had a dreadful pit stop and had to retire from the race (zero points).

Verstappen and Perez both had pretty good races, coming in P1 and P4 and bagging 37 points for Red Bull. Hamilton, on the other hand, had an abysmal race and finished in P7, scoring only 6 points for Mercedes.

Honorable mentions to Gasly (who did a faster in-lap than Hamilton’s out-lap, after his change onto fresh hard tyres), and Sainz (who put Ferrari on the podium) plus Norris who won yet another podium for Mclaren.


Driver of the Weekend: Sebastian Vettel. 34.6% of reader Vote

Vettel provided what may have been the highlight of the race, by overtaking Gasly for P5 out of the pits, leaving Gasly only a few millimetres of space.

Sadly, this happened off-camera and not many people actually saw it. Still, scoring ten points (more that the rest of the year added together for Aston Martin) he put his team in the lead of the ‘also ran’ mid-field competition in the WDC.

Out driving his team mate in qualifying and beating him in the race, has Vettel effectively placed himself in the de facto No 1 driver position at Aston Martin? Either way, he scored his first points of the season and also won the F1 Driver of the Day accolade as well.

Well done Sebastian!! Is this the return of the Vettel of Yore? p.s. #NeverUnderestimateVettel.





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