Perez murder attempt ahead of Monaco qualifying

Reports are coming in from Mexico that a shooting has occurred at the Formula 1 Red Bull Racing driver’s home town, seriously injuring a guard assigned to protect the Perez family in what could be a kidnap, robbery or murder attempt.

Facts are scant at present, but it appears that Checo Perez’s family was victim of a failed murder in his home town of Guadalajara.

A shooting attack was recorded on Mexico Avenue in the Ladrón de Guevara neighbourhood, in the municipality of Guadalajara; a bodyguard allegedly linked to the security of the family of formula one driver Sergio Checo Pérez was seriously injured at the scene.


As the story has appeared during the very early hours of the morning in Mexico, facts are scant, but if what has occurred appears to be true, then it is very possible a kidnap, robbery or murder attempt has been made on the Perez family. 

The Cartel has been known to kidnap for extortion the rich living in Mexico, and this story probably would not surprise many who know the area in question as the Cartel’s reach has steadily increased in recent years.

No doubt, a big blow for the Mexican driver who is right now preparing to his qualifying run at the Monaco Grand Prix.





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