Breaking: Red Bull Racing poach Mercedes greatest designer

Max Verstappen fans rejoice? Lewis Hamilton fans lament? – Ahead of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, a breaking F1 news story has passed the TJ13 desk which will herald a seismic shift in fortunes for a certain fizzy drinks manufacturer’s (Red Bull) Formula One exploits against the might of The German Empires finest, Mercedes AMG F1.

How times have changed.

1500 cc with compressor or 4500 cc without.
No weight limit.

These were the regulations – not just the engine – for the inaugural year of Formula 1.

These days, there are encyclopedic volumes of regulations, both sporting and technical; all designed provide rules for fair competition. Yet Bizarrely, as the regulations grew, the in-balance in F1 competition also grew.


The last big engines regulation change saw a seismic change in F1 power units, both in terms of complexity and cost. Reports suggest Daimler-Benz/Mercedes AMG F1 spent over $1billion developing their hybrid power units.

The R&D and development work for the latest iteration of F1 engines introduced into competition in 2014, saw several years of prior effort. And we are in that zone again as we await the new 2025 F1 power trains.

One man stands tall when assessing the dominant hybrid Mercedes power unit which has propelled it’s drivers to all the world F1 titles since 2014 and seen the Brackley team win 7 consecutive constructor titles.

That man is Andy Cowell.


After more than a decade working with Cosworth, Illmor and BMW, Andy became the Engineering and Programme Director for Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines from July 2008 to January 2013, responsible for technical and programme leadership of all engine and powertrain projects, plus the strategy and organisation of the engineering group.

Since January 2013, Andy has been Managing Director of Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains, overseeing development of the PU106A V6 Hybrid Power Unit, the most dominant manufacturer engine of any period of F1’s history.

Well, despite Toto Wolff mocking Christian Horner about “15 guys and an empty building site construction is not going to be sufficient in order to be competitive in three years with a new power unit”, it might be Horner who has the last laugh.

Just as they did when attracting Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing have made Andy Cowell an offer he could not refuse.

Sources close to TJ13 have revealed that this weekend in Monaco, Red Bull Power Trains intend to announce the arrival of the ex-Mercedes man to head up their operations when they take over Honda’s responsibilities for their F1 power trains.

I guess Toto will be his usual self deprecating self over losing his team’s prize asset, just as will Christian be gracious in defeating his Austrian nemesis in the recruitment games.


This isn’t called the Piranha club for no reason.




12 responses to “Breaking: Red Bull Racing poach Mercedes greatest designer

  1. I will believe it when (IF) I see it. Multi outlets already quoting that Cowell will not return to F1 and if he did it would be Mercedes. If Cowell would lie to the face of Toto then ……… that would make him untrustworthy and no one has ever claimed that or him being mercenary.

    So, my money is on this being click bait BS. They don’t quote a source either, why would that be?

    • Yep, also heard direct from the horses mouth on his F1 Podcast, that after his experiences in working outside F1 last year on the F1 Ventilator programme during lockdown, that he then decided that the next phase of his career would be on more rewarding ventures outside F1

      “Project Pitlane helped confirm that my decision was the correct one,”
      “I handed my notice in in January and Project Pitlane popped up in March”.


  2. Red Bull already have loads of existing talent that they can get from Honda. And I’m sure Honda Japan will indirectly support Red Bull development anyway. Cosworth produced the winningest engine with the DFV, and afterwards never produced another notable F1 engine. The FIA’s engine rules and token system are what have largely kept them on top.

  3. mmmmmm?

    Maybe they are waiting to announce this at the British GP, or even Austria…..

    or not at all

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