Ecclestone remarkable comments on Hamilton & Verstappen

Formula 1 is made up of rivalries that have gone down in history – From Villenueve-Arnoux to Schumacher-Hakkinen for instance, and former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has been quick to comment on the Max Verstappen / Lewis Hamilton duel for this season.

This first part of 2021 has so far been marked by a duel that many have been waiting for; Verstappen versus Hamilton. The young talent and the now ‘legend’, Lewis Hamilton.


Even Bernie Ecclestone has spoken about it, comparing it to one of the most heated duels of the end of the last century.

“Finally this sport has two drivers who can compete on equal terms as Senna and Prost did.

“Unfortunately, I think Verstappen is unlikely to beat Hamilton. Lewis is an experienced, intelligent and impeccable driver. He knows when he can and cannot make a move and always treats his rivals with great respect.

“In recent years he has changed his lifestyle a lot, for example by going vegan. This makes him much stronger physically and mentally. Verstappen may be in the same condition in terms of the car, but the team that Hamilton has is the strongest.

“I’m pretty sure he will become World Champion for the eighth time without too many problems.”






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  1. Not to mention the far more powerful PU that can be turned up by the engineers (according to Paddy) that Lewis enjoys on the back of his car.

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