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Global Sales of Mercedes vehicles collapse – Except for the second hand taxi market in various aspiring first world countries, the Mercedes gambit to outspend Boris Johnson and dominate F1 for a decade is becoming a ‘reverse marketing strategy’.

So instead of advertising in 1000’s of print publications around the world at an annual cost of over £1billion, the Stuttgart masterminds decided to spend the money on dominating F1 and getting more eyeballs for less cash.

Problem. Any sane individual now hates Mercedes.


I have not owned a Merc yet, and would possibly consider trading my 2.8s 0-60mph Tesla for the soon coming Mercedes all electric SUV. Now, as I did with Gillette re: Bahrain (another story), I will never buy anything the world dominating German’s produce.

Toto Wolff is laughing all the way to anther double title year. We’ve been led to believe that RBR were equal if not the favourites coming into this year’s F1 championship.

Utter bollocks.

Sir Lu has more points this season after 4 races than in any of his championship winning years. 3 wins from 4.


The only saving grace is that Valerie Bottas is now being exposed for the useless piece of doodoo he really is. All these seasons, we have rooted for him to challenge the Earl of Stevenage, but now his true colours of brown are ablaze.

We the F1 fans cannot invade our team’s playing ground (a la Old Trafford) but we can commit to sharing a common goal. Do not buy a Merc car.

TBH they are pretty boring anyway. Why buy a Merc when Lambo now make the best SUV? Aston make the best looking Grand Tourer. A Porsche 911 is iconic and McLaren’s are better than Ferrari’s.


Seriously, the F1 authorities need to sort out their stuff. A decade of one team winning and spending more money than everyone else is not sport. It’s reminiscent of the Russian-Murican space race of the 60’s – a pointless waste of gazillions of cash.

And as a postscript, the propaganda team radio after the chequered flag has to stop. The last person I want to hear is Toto Wolff blowing smoke up his favourite drivers buttocks.

Liberty media were the great hope for F1 after Bernie’s quill and parchment demise. At present, the yanks look impotent to effect change on the sport and have probably lost a significant amount of the mult-billion investment.



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  1. Who wrote this crap? The authors attempt at humour makes him look like a dolt.

    M-B’s global sales haven’t collapsed. 2020 car sales in China for M-B were up almost 8%. In North America they were down 7%, but then BMW’s sales were down 18% and Honda’s down 12%. Global doesn’t mean the UK only.

    “Liberty media were the great hope for F1 after Bernie’s quill and parchment demise. At present, the yanks look impotent to effect change on the sport and have probably lost a significant amount of the mult-billion investment.”

    Liberty Media are the commercial rights holders and nothing more. The FIA is responsible for technical changes. Anyone with the a smidgeon of F1 knowledge would know that.

  2. I never understood why people criticize Mercedes for winning !
    That is the purpose of the competition… including F1.
    There is nothing wrong in excellence !
    Competition separates the wheat from the chaff, classifying competitors from best to worse.
    We should be grateful to Mercedes for exposing the mediocrity of other teams… for so long.
    A championship that claims to be the pinnacle of motor sport can not be nourished by mediocrity but by excellence.

    • Well said Manuel

      F1 has never been, and nor should it ever be, about bombs going off, sprinklers, lottery and bingo results, and anyone who thinks it should be, doesn’t really understand the true concepts of the sport.

      Yes, increased and wider competition between front runners adds drama, spectacle and excitement, but don’t ever criticise the best for being the best…. that should be reserved for those who cannot, or do not raise their game accordingly

      RB are just about there now, however the intrigue for the season as a whole is how long they can sustain that level, enough to overcome Mercedes. If MB can then turn it up even more and overcome the increased challenge from RB, the that just further cements theirs and Lewis’s achievements

      • I should clarify – if Mercedes AND Lewis can turn it up even more, it will cement theirs and Lewis’s achievements
        its not all just the car, you know 😉

      • If MB can turn it up even more?
        RB are just about there now?

        Has it ever occurred to you that RBR snd Ferrari have had to break rules to catch up, let alone compete with MB?
        When MB spend over a billion pre hybrid era, whereas the others were about a 5th of that spend, immediately advantage Merc.
        Then the FIA decides you need tokens to make changes, so opposition can’t spend a billion to catch up. And ever since MB has kept the FIA over a barrel.

        If that’s your idea of competition then I’d suggest you are a resident at Chez Brackley

    • Personally I’d be interested to know what your history of F1 is. I’m guessing a couple of decades? Maybe the late 90’s and the so-called great Schumacher/ Hakkinen years?

      Possibly a Villeneuve to you means Jacques, who the hell is Gilles?

      I’ve been following F1 since the early 70’s, I have been going to GP’s since 1982 and my favourite subject is the history; especially when the 21st century has been so poor.

      Without question F1 has always been a meritocracy, the best engineers and drivers competing, but since Ferrari and Schumacher rewrote the rule book, it’s become an arms race.

      It’s suggested Ferrari spent a billion of Marlboro dollars to dominate for five years and that’s conservative. Red Bull in 2010-2013 spent around the same figure… without building an engine. Mercedes spent 1-1 1/2 Billion designing their PU for 2014. Nobodies closed that gap yet.

      But here’s a critical difference, pre Jean Todd’s era of Presidency, the FIA always changed the rules to slow the strongest teams down, eventually crippling Ferrari by changing the tyre spec for 2005, stopping the exhaust blowing and bending aero to halt RBR, yet Mercedes has actually been protected with token systems stopping the competition catching up!!

      I’ve seen the Auto Unions and Mercedes of pre war era, I’ve seen the Alfa Romeo P3’s and they are all rich in engineering, the difference, the red cars were built by Artisans, the silver machines were funded by a war propaganda machine.

      If Mercedes and Lewis can ‘turn it up’ it’s because their inherent advantage is so great they’ve been toying with the public. That’s not sporting achievement, that’s bullying and arrogsnt

  3. The internet has a lot to answer for and this is a classic example of the sort of unitelligent drivel we have to put up with.

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