Wolff uses Hamilton to accuse Red Bull of cheating?

Red Bull have a bit of a reputation with ‘bending’ the rules of Formula 1 (excuse the pun) with their use of aerodynamic parts that change shape depending on the speed of the car – something their ‘guru’ designer Adrian Newey has often pushed in his F1 car designs over the decades.

According to Lewis Hamilton, the car of Max Verstappen appeared to be performing this parlour trick once again, this time with the car’s rear wing.


Certainly Red Bull had tried out a high-downforce rear wing on Friday, but exchanged it for one with less drag on Saturday, but did their wing over flex in the airstream to enhance the top speed in the straights?

“The Red Bulls are pretty quick on the straights.” confirmed Lewis Hamilton,

“They have this bendy wing at the rear of their car that they put on today and they gained at least three tenths of a second with it,” accuses Hamilton to Sky Sports Germany at the weekend.

Of course, the FIA has strict guidelines on how much aerodynamic parts may bend during the race, and Red Bulls Christian Horner was bullish about the comments from the Mercedes driver, which effectively accused Red Bull of cheating.

“The cars are tested intensively. There are pull-back tests and also various other tests that they have to pass,” said Horner.

“The FIA is absolutely satisfied with the car. It has passed all the tests, which are quite strict, by the way.

“It’s something Toto [Wolff] mentioned to me once,” mentioned the Red Bull boss.


Asked about Horner’s opinion and whether Hamilton might even have been instructed to mention it in the media, however, Wolff attempts to halt the line of questioning saying, “Yes, we discussed that, but I don’t want to comment further. Sorry.”

Watch this space.




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