Ecclestone: why Vettel didn’t perform at Ferrari, & helped get him into Aston Martin

Bernie Ecclestone, the former F1 supremo and a close friend of Sebastian Vettel, is hoping that the German driver will be able to regain his form at Aston Martin this season after several complicated years at Ferrari.

According to Ecclestone, Sebastian Vettel was never liked at Ferrari, which certainly influenced his results, hindering him from achieving his goal of winning a fifth world championship with the famous Italian team.


“Sebastian and I have talked about everything and the best thing he can do, and this is what anyone should do, is to forget the past at Ferrari. Then he can find his way back to his old strengths. “Bernie Ecclestone told Sport1.

“What many people don’t know is that Sebastian is very sensitive. He likes to be liked and that has never happened to him at Ferrari. Vettel did not get full support.

Now at Aston Martin alongside Canadian Lance Stroll, Sebastian Vettel should, according to Bernie Ecclestone, be back to his former level.


“I think he is now in a new situation. I’m sure he’s in the right team and he’ll be looked after. Ferrari is the past. He is now where he was with Red Bull, I am sure he can find his old form with his new team. ”

Bernie Ecclestone himself helped Sebastian Vettel strike a deal with Aston Martin last year, as the Briton reported a few months ago.


“Yes, we talk a lot on the phone. I listen to him and then I give him my assessment of things. I also helped him get the right deal with Aston Martin. I put a lot of pressure on team owner Lawrence Stroll to take Sebastian. ”

“I told him how good Sebastian still is, and that in the end it would be a win for everyone if the deal went through. I think my arguments helped convince him. ”




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