Formula 1 and Formula E ‘Merger’

Despite the popularity of Formula E with current manufacturers, the sport rarely gets the following from fans that Formula 1 enjoys, but could there be a joining of the two series? It’s very likely in the future according to Toto Wolff and Formula E’s Alejandro Agag.

Former Formula 1 boss Bernie should have taken control of Formula E, expanded it as a framework series and then decided what to do with it, says Agag:

“In terms of prestige and audience, Formula E is now very different Formula 1. But I still think that the future lies in a merger between the two series. 

“Formula 1 must definitely make the switch to electromobility. If it doesn’t do that together with Formula E, it won’t be possible for 19 years at the earliest.” concludes Agag.


This is down to the fact that Formula E has a contract with the FIA for the exclusive license to host all-electric formula racing. This means that Formula 1 could not simply convert to electric. In theory at least.

“Even if F1 gets a contract (with the FIA) after our license expires, that would be far too late. We have the rights for 25 years, of which we have only completed six and have 19 to go, ” says Agag.


Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff can imagine a kind of merger.

“Both companies ultimately belong to the same man – John Malone. How it has failed so far that both platforms try to position themselves as best as possible,

“If one day synergies are possible, then you could drive together on a racing weekend – for example on the street circuits,” says Wolff.

“I think that’s a great thing, but it needs the approval of all stakeholders and that is – as we know – not easy in motorsport.”




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  1. “Both companies ultimately belong to the same man – John Malone.”

    Liberty Global and Discovery collectively own around 35% of Formula E Holdings. So Malone doesn’t own nor control Formula E Holdings.

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