Red Bull claim new deal done with Honda, and FIA needs to step in

Since 1 January 2021, Formula 1 teams have been authorised to work on the cars for the 2022 season, where we will see the introduction of a brand new technical regulation.

In the case of Red Bull, Milton Keynes’ team now faces a real dilemma as engineers have started work on the 2022 car around the Honda V6, which has been supplying the team since 2019.

The problem is that the Honda engine manufacturer is going to stop its Formula 1 programme in the end of this 2021 season and Red Bull still doesn’t know if it will use this engine next year. Indeed TJ13 believes that Red Bull has already signed a deal with Renault as a backstop quite some time ago. READ MORE ON THAT


Red Bull preference is to buy out Honda’s intellectual property so that it can continue to use its engine beyond the 2021 season, but the Milton Keynes team wants the FIA to introduce an engine development freeze from 2022 to make it easier to use the Japanese V6 and not spend crazy amounts of money on R&D over the next few seasons.


The idea is therefore that all the F1 manufacturers (Mercedes, Renault, Honda and Ferrari) should stop developing their power unit at the same time.

The Motorsport advisor at Red Bull, Dr. Helmut Marko, indicated that an agreement between Red Bull and Honda has been reached to continue using the Japanese V6, but that nothing will be done until the FIA has validated the freeze on engine development. So really, nothing much has changed despite Marko’s rhertoric below:

“Everything has been settled between us, the moment has arrived.

“Everyone is in the starting blocks. But there will only be an agreement when we have written proof from the FIA that the engine development freeze is coming. ” explains Dr Marko to AMUS.



“We are awaiting FIA’s decision, and a corresponding clarification is expected next week. ”

Helmut Marko also indirectly calls on the other manufacturers involved in Formula 1 to show common sense by accepting the plan to stop the development of the current V6 engines that will be presented by the FIA in the coming days.

“For Formula 1, this is a very clear decision of reason. It will be regulated by the FIA in one way or another. 

“Freezing engine development is the most important thing and when development stops, the project will be much easier for us to manage. ”


The Austrian also insists on the fact that in case of disagreement between the teams and the FIA on a freeze on engine development, Red Bull’s commitment to Formula 1 would then be called into question, thus ruling out the idea of being supplied by Renault, contrary to the current rumour that Renault would be poised to step in.

“This would mean that Red Bull would have to radically rethink its situation in Formula One. This is not blackmail… For cost reasons, a freeze on engine development would be the only way to keep the [current] engine. ”



6 responses to “Red Bull claim new deal done with Honda, and FIA needs to step in

  1. “Red Bull preference is to buy out Honda’s intellectual property so that it can continue to use its engine beyond the 2021 season,”

    Honda, after spending close to a $1B developing their current engine, aren’t going to sell Red Bull anything. What Honda may do is retain all their IP and lease the engine to Red Bull. If any upgrade’s / enhancements need to be done, Red Bull will pay for them, with Honda ultimately owning them. But Honda isn’t going to sell something they may be able to use in their road cars at sometime.

    • Red Bull should simply buyout Honda who should be asked to leave F1 versus holding a marquee theme hostage. Will never again buy an Acura or Honda with any type of motor drive based on this behavior from Honda.

      • Bwahahahahahahahaha. Loads of engine manufacturers have pulled out of F1 through out the years.. And Honda isn’t holding Red Bull hostage – the FIA regs require they be supplied by a manufacturer, which in this case would be Renault.

  2. No, in your scenario Honda has to keep their F1 engine factory running. As far as the stories go that factory has been offered for sale to Red Bull.
    Honda can sell of a license to the IP, with rules on whether third parties (consultants) can have a look at it and under which rules, and whether the improvements will flow back to Honda or that Honda has the option to buy the latest version of the IP. But without a place to build that upgraded engine, I don’t see Honda going to need those updates.

  3. Why should FIA step in? Car speed and race pace is a combination of engine, aero and driver. With a spend cap in the rules teams can choose what to spend money developing at the cost of other areas. Why would the FIA prevent further engine development? To make things easier? If RB wants easy then maybe they should take up tiddlywinks instead of F1.

    • Couldn’t agree more, tiddlywinks would probably be far more exciting to watch than the current F1debacle!!!

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