Ricciardo reveals future after McLaren

Daniel Ricciardo is still far from having finished his career in Formula 1 since the Australian aims to obtain at least one world title before leaving McLaren, and perhaps retiring from the sport to move onto something else.

But what could he envisage in the future? When asked to choose between the Indy 500 to Indianapolis, the Le Mans 24 Hours or the Dakar, his answer is clear and direct.


“My first choice would be Le Mans. Several of my friends have done it and told me it was an incredible experience, really working with his teammates,” the McLaren driver replies.


“With your teammate you work for the team, sharing what can be improved on the car, but we don’t share driving tips. As a driver, you keep it to yourself.

“But at Le Mans, I think you share all your secrets with your team-mates. It would be cool to be open and really work together.”

And Ricciardo likes one of the other challenges of Le Mans: “Driving without sleeping for 24 hours would also be an opportunity to test my limits, in terms of physics and concentration”.



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