Hamilton’s ‘robust’ response to the critics

Seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton is convinced that having a good team and a good car are the two decisive factors in the success of Formula 1 drivers.

Last weekend in Turkey with his 94th Formula 1 victory, Lewis Hamilton claimed his seventh world title in the Formula 1 championship, equalling the record previously held by Michael Schumacher.

Despite the obvious talent of the Briton, some critics believe that his success is based on the best car on the grid for years, much more than on Hamilton’s natural talent.


Asked about it, Lewis Hamilton was very frank and insisted on the fact that having good material at his disposal was obviously an element of the success of the race. essential in this sport to succeed, the british driver recalling that no driver in this sport is has never won a championship without a good car.

“I want to experience this kind of weekend more often. In tricky conditions like these [in Istanbul], it gives me more opportunities to show that I can do it. ” says Hamilton.

“I think I deserve respect, or at least I hope I get it from my peers. I think they’ve seen how hard it is, and I think they’ve seen that it’s not just about the car. 

“However, I would never have been able to do all this without a group of extraordinary people behind me – but there is also a great driver beside me [Valtteri Bottas], who has the same car as me and who obviously doesn’t match where I ended up. ”


As a rebuttal to Jackie Stewart’s comments on Hamilton, the former F1 Champion describing Hamilton as inferior to the greats of F1, but admitting he is simply the best of this current generation, Hamilton retains his opinion on Stewart saying:

“I have taken note of the remarks that some former drivers may have made about me, but I really promise you, and I hope that I will keep my word, that in ten or twenty years time I will look back and encourage the next young people who will be here. Whether it’s Lando [Norris], George [Russell] or Max [Verstappen]. 

“I know how difficult it is to do this job and I know how it works. Of course you have to have a good team, and obviously a super good car, and no driver has ever won a championship without that. 

“It’s the same thing in Karting, you have to have the right equipment. I remember my first championship, I raced and the kid who won had a Rocket engine prepared by Jenson Button’s father. 

“These engines were real rockets compared to the cheap and shitty engine I had, which was a fifth hand. I couldn’t keep up. 

“I remember my father had to mortgage the house to get this £2000 engine. I then installed this engine on my go-kart and found myself in front of the boy who won everything. 

“So, of course you have to have the right equipment. That’s something that will always be present in this sport. But it’s also what you do with it that really counts too, and I hope I’ve proved that today. ”



4 responses to “Hamilton’s ‘robust’ response to the critics

  1. Neverminded blowing championships, Sir Sterling Moss GAVE away points for championships.
    Is he considered any less?
    No, so what’s the difference?

    2007 China wasn’t his fault, the team blew that one for him

    • Moss was one of the best of his generation, but never the best. The only year that Moss “GAVE away points for championships” was 1958 and that isn’t really correct anyway as Hawthorn initially lost 2nd in Portugal due to an error from the stewards. Moss merely confirmed what happened after an appeal from Ferrari and Hawthorn.

      As for China – Hamilton drove into the gravel trap not the McLaren team.

  2. As for China – Hamilton drove into the gravel trap not the McLaren team.

    He followed team instructions to stay out and when they did bring him in…..?

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