Hamilton and the odds to end it all for us finally


Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton could be crowned for the seventh time in Formula 1 in the next race to be held on the Istanbul track in Turkey.

In the next round of the season that will take place in Turkey at Istanbul Park from November 13th to 15th, Lewis Hamilton could and is expected, to win his seventh Formula 1 title.


On the eve of the fourteenth round of the season, Lewis Hamilton is 85 points ahead of his direct rival and teammate, Valtteri Bottas, while there are still only four Grand Prix to be contested this season.

Consequently, Lewis Hamilton has a very good chance to be crowned for the seventh time in his career at the next race in Turkey.


Hamilton will win his seventh F1 title if :

  1. wins the race
  2. second and Bottas wins, but without winning the fastest lap point in the race.
  3. third or fourth and Bottas finishes second
  4. fifth and Bottas is third.
  5. sixth and Bottas is third but without the point of the fastest lap in the race
  6. seventh and Bottas is fourth.
  7. eighth and Bottas is fifth.
  8. ninth and Bottas is sixth.
  9. tenth and Bottas is sixth but without the fastest lap in race
  10. he is out of the points but that Bottas does not do better than seventh. without the point for the fastest lap in the race


So what are the odds that Hamilton will simply opt for option 1 above, as that is currently the Modus Operandi these days with a weak teammate and a garage fully focused on the points leader? Could Bottas actually win this race? Perhaps we might see a resurgent Max Verstappen make use of the possible Red Bull Racing friendly ‘downforce’ circuit?

Lewis Hamilton sits at the top of the winner list with odds listed at 2/5 while Valtteri Bottas (7/2) and Max Verstappen (11/2) follows behind, according to the sportsbooks at Sports Betting Dime.

Perhaps the next best outsiders are both Sergio Perez (80/1) and Daniel Ricciardo (80/1), and if I were to stick on an outside punt on one of the two, it would definitely be Danny Ric who recently achieved two maiden podiums for a resurgent Renault F1 team.

That said, most F1 fans already have a good idea of the outcome of the Turkish Grand Prix, and it is black with silver trim.




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