Honda offers an alternative to Red Bull in order to guard secrets

Masashi Yamamoto, the director of Honda, has publicly stated that he wants to help Red Bull after 2021 when the manufacturer officially pulls out of Formula 1 – This is likely in response to the Renault engine deal for Red Bull going forward.

The Japanese manufacturer is ready to revise its conditions concerning its intellectual property rights linked to its powertrains in order to allow the Austrian team to work on them with its own engineers.


Certainly, Red Bull has sufficient resources, both financial and technical, to implement such a project.

Moreover, the decision to hire the former head of the Mercedes engine department, Andy Cowell, now makes a lot of sense that Red Bull will indeed be a significant factor in developing their powertrain.

Rumour has it that the high likelihood is Renault has secured a deal with Red Bull as reported last week, and that the shift in job title for current team boss Cyril Abiteboul is part and parcel of the deal. Read more on that here.

The counter-offer by Honda could well be a sudden concern that Red Bull would share Honda engine IP with Renault, who are part of Japanese rival manufacturer Nissan. 


Honda will be happy to hold negotiations with Red Bull with a view to the team being interested in one way or another in keeping our power units after 2021.” says Yamamato

“We will be happy to continue our cooperation with AlphaTauri and Red Bull and provide them with all necessary support after 2021.

“Working with these teams has been a great benefit to Honda, and in the future we want to thank them for that.

“I am ready to discuss this with the management in Japan. I personally want to give maximum support to these two teams.

“Our aim is that Honda’s withdrawal from the championship should not have any negative consequences.

“This year we have to participate in seven more races and we want to try different solutions for next season.

“In 2021 we will try to compete for the championship victory so that our story ends well.

“Next year the staff working on our project will not be reduced. We will be more active in the modernisation and will do our utmost to achieve as many victories as possible. We will continue to attack until the end.”




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