Ferrari’s demands on ‘sporting fairness’ against Mercedes

Ferrari’s Formula 1 team boss Mattia Binotto goes for the jugular this weekend in the Racing Point debate.

The Italian further pursues the FIA to push on Mercedes, demanding action must be taken to make clear the rules on copying competitors, as seen in the Racing Point 2020 car.

Binotto has also said that he does not want to confine this debate to the brake system but to the whole car, emphasising the principle of intellectual property protection. Haas and Red Bull already have gone as far as saying Mercedes need to be brought into account for the affair, and they are just as guilty as Racing Point in terms of cheating.


“As Ferrari is involved in this case, I don’t want to go into a lot of detail, it would only be appropriate,” says Binotto,

“Nevertheless, I think that further clarifications will be necessary. I think that the decision of the International Court of Appeal will somehow open up for a broader discussion with regard to the whole car and not only the brake ducts. And that is what we are really looking for.

“It is a matter of sporting fairness. It’s about protecting intellectual property for the future. If I look back, I can’t remember a single time when a team has copied an entire car precisely, at least since we got this settlement in 2009.

“Therefore, more clarity and transparency will be needed for the good of sport. But again, it is not for me to judge and that is why I think the role of the international court will be important in this respect.”




5 responses to “Ferrari’s demands on ‘sporting fairness’ against Mercedes

  1. Ferrari on about sporting fairness well what about them cheating with their engine fuel system let them disclose the so called deal made then before thet want to come shout the odds

  2. Is this all about your team getting caught last year for cheating but pay money to keep the findings secret, so maybe you’s should come clean first before accusing everyother team that actually developed there cars 👍

  3. He/She who is without sin, let him/her cast the first stone. Renault/Ferrari protest against RP is simply covering up for their current positions in F1.
    Both teams have done a bad/poor job in preparing for this season. RP simply took advantage of ambiguity in the regulations. There is simply no evidence of wrong doing on RP’s part. It’s a simple open & shut case.

  4. It’s last years car everybody had the chance to copy any of last years cars 😀 plus there not cheating with the engine like Ferrari did

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