Serious allegations leveled at Mercedes

While Ferrari and Renault F1 teams have jointly decided to appeal the FIA’s decision in the Racing Point case, it is now the turn of Red Bull and Haas to take the stage for a 2nd act.

The latter accuse Mercedes of deliberately giving information to Racing Point so that it could develop a car similar to the one used by the 2019 world champions.

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner was very clear on the subject. For the Englishman, if Racing Point is found guilty, then Mercedes should be found guilty too, as it is the company that supplied the much debated brake ducts.



“It is a very interesting case. The main thing for us is that we want absolute clarity about what will or will not be allowed in the future.”


“For us, this case goes beyond the brake ducts.

“There is a need for clarification on the role played by Mercedes and questions will be asked.

“Here is one for the FIA.

“If Racing Point is guilty of having received something, we can imagine that the team that provided these items also broke the regulations, can’t we?” accuses Horner.


Gunther Steiner, boss of the Haas team, has also indicated that Mercedes should be held accountable in this matter.

“I’m not surprised that Toto Wolff is defending Racing Point, because they apparently provided data to Racing Point, which is not allowed.

“Last year, Ferrari would never have provided us with the data on its brake ducts because it is simply not allowed.

“If it is proven that Mercedes did it, they are going to be in serious trouble. But first, the FIA has to investigate. We hope the Court of Appeal will have more detail than the commissioners.”




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