Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto responds to Lawrence Stroll outburst

Scuderia Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has responded to attacks from Racing Point team boss Lawrence Stroll – who expressed anger on Sunday at “rival teams dragging his team’s name through the mud” in the brake duct affair.

Racing Point was fined 400,000 euros and lost all 15 points at the Styrian Grand Prix earlier this season for using “copied” brake ducts on last year’s Mercedes.






In the case, the FIA insisted that Mercedes had indeed provided Racing Point with detailed information about the design of the brake ducts, but that the German manufacturer’s team had done so in 2019 before regulations changed and introduced listed parts.


Mercedes is therefore not to blame in this case, although some rival teams would have liked the FIA to sanction the reigning world champion team as well.

Regarding the sanctioning of Racing Point, four teams [McLaren, Renault, Ferrari and Williams] have announced their intention to appeal the decision so that the Racing Point team will be more heavily sanctioned.

Racing Point has also announced its intention to appeal the FIA’s decision, but unlike the other teams, Racing Point wants its sanction reduced.


Racing Point team owner and billionaire Lawrence Stroll expressed his anger at seeing his team’s name dragged through the mud at Silverstone on Sunday and promised he would fight to the bitter end to prove that Racing Point did not cheat.



But for Mattia Binotto, anger or no anger, the FIA has issued a verdict stating that Racing Point is illegal.

“As Scuderia Ferrari, we have already spoken on Friday and said what we think, there were protests and a verdict. ”

As Scuderia Ferrari, we have already spoken on Friday and said what we think, there have been protests and a verdict,” said Binotto, quoted by Sky Sports.


“And the first verdict is that what has been done is illegal. It’s a starting point, you can be furious or not, but there is an irregularity and a violation of the regulations. 

Binotto goes even further and does not hesitate to make an equally clear reference to Mercedes’ alleged responsibilities in this case.

“The violation is like copying a paper, there are those who copy it and those who skip it. For us, the facts are obvious and I don’t think there’s anything to add, it’s not a question of being angry or furious. 

“We’re all rivals, everyone’s looking out for his interest. Let’s look at the outcome of the stewards’ judgment. We think the sanction is not adequate, we have four days to confirm our intention to appeal. ”




One response to “Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto responds to Lawrence Stroll outburst

  1. I didn’t find Stroll’s piece to camera very comfortable viewing. Indicating that you’ve never “cheated” at anything ever is just asking for someone to (at best) dig up some ridiculous irrelevant thing from the past just to prove you wrong. Better to keep things relatively balanced in a public statement, I think.

    If Binotto wants to take the moral high-ground in all of this, then good on him. Presumably that means that the details of the FIA/Ferrari “deal” over last season’s engines will be made public first, so we can all see how squeaky clean they are …

    I think it’s fair to say that this is one aspect of F1 that I do not particularly appreciate. Neither of these two things warms me towards the teams/brands in question.

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