Reports on Vettel just days left to sign for Racing Point

Reluctant to sign his new contract, Sebastian Vettel has been given an ultimatum by Racing Point Formula 1 team according to the German press.

The magazine Auto Bild, Racing Point officially offered Sebastian Vettel a contract a few days ago.


No details have yet filtered out. The only thing that is certain is that the four-time world champion seems to be trying to gain time before giving a positive answer.

That could mean that the terms of this contract may not be right for him.

Whatever the reason or reasons for his reluctance, Racing Point doesn’t want to waste any time and has been issuing an ultimatum since yesterday.


According to Autobild, Sebastian Vettel has until July the 31st to sign his contract.

This is because after that date, the team led by Lawrence Stroll will no longer be able to legally terminate Sergio Perez’s contract.

Perez has unsurprisingly already received a plethora of interest from teams in other motorsport series, as well as from one F1 outfit, namely Alfa Romeo.

If he were to join the Ferrari ‘B team’, the Mexican would effectively return to the team who gave him his F1 debut (then known as Sauber).

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2 responses to “Reports on Vettel just days left to sign for Racing Point

  1. Please don’t do it Seb as you’ll be stuck in the midfield forever – just look at the numbers :-
    Races won by the Mercedes ‘works team’ in the hybrid era = 92
    Races won by a Mercedes ‘customer team’ in the hybrid era = 0
    Need I say more !!

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