Vettel’s revelation on Ferrari’s ‘phone call’

Sebastian Vettel reveals that Ferrari never made him an offer for 2021 Formula 1 season and beyond.

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel revealed on Thursday at the Spielberg presser that Ferrari had never made him an offer to renew his contract after the 2020 season.

It was a huge shock on Thursday at Spielberg when four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel said he was very surprised to receive a call from his boss telling him that he would not be able to continue at Maranello.


“I was very surprised to get the call from Mattia that Ferrari had no intention of continuing with me. There was never an offer.,” said Vettel at the Austrian Grand Prix presser on Thursday.

“We never entered into discussions, there was never an offer on the table and therefore there was no sticking point. ”

Some might argue that this was a remarkable lack of respect for a four-time world Champion from Ferrari, but equally, the Italian team’s treatment of Vettel and shift in support away from the German last year marks a point in time where Ferrari want to reinvent themselves once again, this time with an incredibly young Monegasque at the head.


Vettel hinted that he would take the time to assess his future and on Thursday he stressed that he wanted to continue to participate in Formula One.

“Obviously, I want to make sure I make the right decision for me and my future. I think I’m very competitive, I’ve accomplished a lot in the sport, I’m motivated and willing to do more. 

“To do this, I need the right package and the right people around me, so that’s what I’m looking for right now, if the right opportunity presents itself then that will be quite clear. If not, I’ll probably have to look for something else. 

“You have to be aware of the decision you are making at that time and that is also why I am not rushing into anything, the coming weeks and months will probably bring more clarity. ”


When asked if he would consider a sabbatical or even retirement, Vettel said, “I don’t know, I think, as I said, if the right thing comes along and comes up, I’m ready to continue, so I feel like I have a lot more to give”. 



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