Alonso’s tricks

Somewhat off-topic but an interesting insight into the mind of Fernando Alonso, former Formula 1 double world champion, during the recent virtual Indy esports competition Torque Esports/Engine Media’s’ All-Star Legends Trophy.

The event saw professional drivers compete at a virtual Indy 500 race which included some rather big names in Formula 1, Indycar and other disciplines including sportscars and touringcars.


Even the 80 year old Mario Andretti took part in the race, a former Indy 500 winner, Daytona 500 victor, Formula 1 champion and four-time INDYCAR champion. Two time F1 champion Fernando Alonso took to the field as well, and it was the Spaniard who was noticed by some others to be taking the esports event perhaps a little too seriously.

During an interview with fellow competitor Jason Plato on the Drive esports podcast, the 98 BTCC winner and 2 time BTCC Champion revealed a remarkable trick Fernando Alonso had adopted during the practice sessions for the main event.


Listen to the audio player above, the transcript of which is below:

After the first race weekend my I started to have a little kinda study and seen what people are up to and it was only then I could realize I could basically look at the standings, highlight (Jenson Button’s) name, press a button on the keyboard and I could be in the car with him, so I could watch.

So I was watching how he was driving. But one thing I did notice was, as soon as the server (for the practice races) opens, Jenson logs on but doesn’t drive the car for some time. And I just wondered whether he put himself in other peoples’ cars to see what they were doing.

And one thing I did notice at the weekend with Alonso – that cheeky little monkey – was in all of the practice sessions he didn’t record a lap time. Not one lap time on there. And we all sussed out what he was doing: on the last corner he was going completely off-track so the lap was disallowed, therefore didn’t hit the timing screens, but nevertheless he knew what his lap time is. And he was doing it on purpose and nobody knew what his pace was. And it’s only a bit of fun.



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