Minardi: “Renault and Mercedes ready to abandon Formula 1”

Renault and Mercedes ready to quit F1? – In the columns of his website, the ex F1 team boss from Faenza has voiced predictions about the future in Formula 1 of the two factory teams.

With engines still shut down waiting for the start of the 2020 season, the hottest topics that continue to occupy the fans’ minds concern the driver market in 2021 and, above all, the future of many of the teams involved in Formula 1.


These are Gian Carlo Minardi‘s words about the difficult situation at Renault and its Formula 1 team:

” Renault is busy these days asking for important government aid to save the jobs and the bank accounts of the parent company. For this reason I see it as difficult to continue the F1 project beyond 2021. It won’t be easy to find a possible buyer either because we’re not talking about a winning structure at the moment”.

In addition to the French manufacturer, Minardi believes that Mercedes could also decide to close its venture as an official team in Formula 1 by selling its facilities.


However, behind the decision there would be not only economic reasons, but also internal conflicts between Daimler’s board and the senior management of the Anglo-German team:

“Rumors coming from abroad speak about a Mercedes ready to sell the team at the end of 2021, remaining in F1 only as engine supplier.

“Ola Kallenius, current President of Mercedes, seems to have much more power over the team than his predecessor, as seen at the Australian GP. Although Toto Wolff was in favour of racing, Kallenius’ refusal came.

“Compared to Renault, Mercedes is a winning and highly organized team. Therefore, it should have no trouble finding buyers. However, we are faced with a chaotic situation.

“To date, the Concord Agreement has not yet been signed and Liberty Media has not been able to find any new team”



BREAKING: Wolff stepping down, Mercedes board meeting on F1 future

A breaking news story from Germany, F1-Insider and Motorsport Total are claiming that Mercedes AMG Formula 1 team boss Toto Wolff will be likely to step down, and the board of Mercedes are deciding on the team’s future in F1.

F1-Insider has today published a news article highlighting the stepping down of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff from the F1 team. Germany’s Motorsport Total is also reporting on this story.






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