“Vettel had to pay”

The former Renault F1 team boss Flavio Briatore is clearly a fan of Charles Leclerc.

As early as October 2019 Flavio Briatore hinted at where the journey for Sebastian Vettel might take him. At that time, the Italian, who is now 70 years old, said in the programme La Politica nel Pallone.


“Charles Leclerc is faster than Sebastian Vettel. Monaco is already ready for the title, he is destined to become world champion.

“If I were team manager, I’d make him number one. Leclerc is an incredible talent, he’s aggressive and gets the most out of the car.”


“Two years ago, I told Ferrari to get young Leclerc instead of Kimi Raikkonen. Because the Finn was simply not good enough to give Ferrari the chance to win the Constructors

“In the 2019 season, Ferrari made some decisions that did not necessarily help Leclerc. Especially in view of the fact that Sebastian Vettel had no real chance of winning the title.

“Leclerc is a potential world champion, but to do that, he’ll have to drive the right car”.


Meanwhile, the split between Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel has been settled, and Briatore adds in the Gazzetta dello Sport: “The situation seems clear to me – Ferrari is fully committed to Leclerc, and they are doing well to do so, as I have already stressed.”

When asked if Briatore sees parallels with the young Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso, Briatore says:

“When a driver is outstanding, you notice it immediately. This was the case with Schumacher at the Benetton when Michael was still very young.

“And I can vividly recall a telephone conversation with Giancarlo Minardi when he raved about this young Spaniard named Fernando Alonso. It’s also clear in Charles’ case, “He’s a very special driver.”

“For me, the recipe for victory is always to have a driver who has a say in the title, and a driver who scores big and takes points away from his opponents.

“Sebastian Vettel had to pay for having such a fast man on the team. Leclerc surprised the team as much as he did with Lewis Hamilton back at McLaren. But when you have two equal drivers on the grid, they only take points away from each other.”



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  1. Flavio talking rubbish as usual . He’s past it along with his mate Fernando

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